The European wind energy employers' association warns of the cut in payments to connected wind farms before 2005

WindEurope, the European Wind Employers’ Association, describes as “error” the measure proposed by the Government to cut the so-called benefits fallen from the sky (windfall profits, in English) to wind farms that were connected to the grid before 2005.

The association thus reacts to draft law presented by the Executive on Tuesday in the Council of Ministers, which also proposes reducing the remuneration received in the wholesale market by power generation through non-CO2-emitting power plants (hydraulic and nuclear) prior to that year.

In this context, WindEurope ensures that wind farms that were connected to the grid before 2005 in Spain do not benefit from any aid scheme and that they obtain their income exclusively from the wholesale market, which reflects the costs of carbon under the “principle the polluter pays “.

“We are still studying the details of the proposal, but, at first glance, the proposed measure should not apply to wind energy,” says the employer, underlining that CO2 pricing is designed to support the growth of wind and solar energy .

In his opinion, imposing such a measure on wind energy “goes against logic”. “It goes against a basic principle of the climate and energy policy of the European Union. It contradicts the operation of CO2 emissions trading and its interaction with energy markets,” he argues.

In this way, WindEurope considers that if implemented “it would send a negative signal to those who plan to invest in wind energy in Spain, undermining their confidence in the normal rules of the market”. “Moving the poles always runs the risk of undermining investment. Wind and solar are the technologies we must invest in to carry out the energy transition. In fact, the IEA reminded us yesterday that we are not investing as much. enough in them. A measure like this, which runs the risk of undermining investment in wind energy, is simply a mistake, “he says.

Among the employers, the Spanish firms Iberdrola, Acciona, Repsol and Siemens Gamesa stand out. Companies such as Shell, EDP Renewables and Vestas are also integrated.


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