Forbes has compiled a list of which TikTok Stars were the most financially successful in 2021. Number one comes to $ 17.5 million in revenue – with 133 million followers.

seven TikTok Stars, Hundreds of million followers: The social media giants listed by Forbes earned a total of 55.5 million US dollars in the past year. But which of the social App well-known personalities made it onto the list and who will be at the top of the podium? Find out in the article and read which deals the stars have now concluded.

These are the top seven: TikTok Stars with huge sales in 2021

Forbes did for the new rich list only focuses on personalities who have become popular primarily through TikTok. People like Will Smith, who are popular on TikTok but owe their fame to other channels, were therefore excluded. In addition, a minimum income of 4.75 million US dollars in income generated by TikTok was assumed for the observation period (the entire year 2021).

Takes first place in this ranking Charli D’Amelio one. She’s a TikTok superstar was the first to break the 100 million follower mark there in 2020 and today has over 133 million followers. According to Forbes, she will earn US $ 17.5 million via TikTok in 2021. Deals with Morphe, Dunkin ‘Donuts, Target and Invisalign are contributing to this.

@charlidamelio our heart shaped ring light just dropped exclusively at @target ♬ original sound – charli d’amelio

She has also started a joint venture with Hollister – together with her older sister Dixie D’Amelio. This made it to second place with over 56 million followers and around ten million US dollars in sales. Dixie D’Amelio works a lot with her sister, has deals with Hulu and Snapchat, and also appears as a singer.

@dixiedamelio might go psycho❤️‍🩹 video out now feat @rubirose ♬ Psycho (feat. Rubi Rose) – Dixie

Just one man on the list

Third place went to the well-known social personality Addison Rae. It has around 86 million TikTok followers and, according to Forbes, raised $ 8.5 million in 2021. In addition to their cooperation with Netflix for One like no one for example, it has a partnership with American Eagle, which competes directly with Hollister. Pandora also counts Rae to the advertising ambassadors.

@addisonre Join the #123PandoraME challenge with me and the rest of the @pandorame collective: @charlixcx @dontecolley @Cecilia Cantarano🌙 @Beabadoobee ♬ Sweat – Pandora ME remix – Charli XCX

Fourth place is shared Bella Poarch (87 million followers) and the only man on this list Josh Richards (26 million followers). They were able to raise around five million US dollars each last year. While Poarch For example, who advertised for Google, Prada and Tinder, Richards is sponsored by Amazon, CashApp and Co.

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