The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, yesterday invited all foreign tourists to visit the Canary Islands in low season. “It is a safe destination that this winter is experiencing its best months from the tourist point of view,” he said at the forum opening Launching the recovery of international tourism, inaugurated on the island of La Palma and which brought together fifty companies in the sector. The President of the Government stressed that the islands “have developed for decades a tourism sector of enormous quality and of enormous attraction for the millions of citizens who visit them every year. That’s why we say ‘Back to the Canary Islands’; It is time to find a place of safety and rest in this land thanks to the tourist corridors and the effort that the public administrations and the entire tourist sector have developed in these months ”, he highlighted.

It will only validate PCRs, which in the UK can cost £ 130 per person

That message was, however, warmly received by the regional Executive and the companies in the sector, who had insistently requested that he authorize both PCR and antigen tests to allow the safe entry of foreign tourists. It was last Tuesday the 24th when the rule came into force that only allowed the entry of travelers to Spanish soil if they had previously carried out a PCR at origin. A measure that was rejected due to the high cost it had in some emitting countries, such as the United Kingdom, where the average price can reach 145 pounds, even above the cost of the plane ticket.

Both the Canarian president, Ángel Víctor Torres, as the president of the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (Cehat), Jorge Marichal, they trusted that the Prime Minister would authorize antigen tests yesterday to provide security and cause a knock-on effect between British and German tourism, eager to travel after a nine-month break. Sources from both organizations trusted that there may be news after today’s meeting of the Council of Ministers. The regional government calculates that if PCR and antigens are allowed and there are no health regrowths, the Canary Islands could receive 18,000 flights and two million travelers, 50% of what was received in the same month of 2019.


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