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Many people will spend the holidays with loved ones this year via Zoom. The American Brian Moore has developed a simple escape button so that not only the video call runs smoothly, but also its end.

Everyone who has taken part in a Zoom meeting knows it: you have said goodbye, waved again at the camera and then you want to end the video call as soon as possible. Here, however, Zoom throws the bill for most users. First the uncomfortable search for the mouse, then the click on the end meeting button, then another click and only then did you finally leave the call.

Say goodbye to the Zoom Meeting with the push of a button

This procedure seems to get on the nerves of many people. Also Brain Moore, Creative Director at Anomaly, who has now provided a solution to the problem: An escape button for Zoom. He shared his development on Twitter.

Using a 3D printer, Moore installed a button that allows the video call to be ended with a push of a button (or in this case, a drag). Many Zoom users were inspired by Moore’s development and created their own escape buttons. They also shared this on Twitter.

Zoom removes the 40-minute limit for the holidays

Such a button could come in handy during the holidays. Because of the corona pandemic, many people will not be able to celebrate with friends and family. Many people are therefore using Zoom as a communication tool this year. The video call service is also adjusting to this and lifted the 40-minute limit for free accounts over the holidays. And although the embarrassing silence at the end of a zoom call, in which you look for the mouse and click three times before the meeting is over, is not really uncomfortable in front of friends and families, an escape button could simplify the perhaps difficult farewell.

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