If you are one of those who have access to the streaming video platform Movistar Plus+I’m sure you’re waiting to find out what’s new in it in June 2022. Well, we’re going to show you the most important thing you should write down on the calendar to get the most out of the service we’re talking about.

Without being an outrageous number of premieres that you can enjoy, there are options that are interesting enough for you to safely enjoy the heat that is already becoming common due to the arrival of summer. The most relevant focuses on series and movieswhich are among the contents that have become a reference when it comes to enjoying yourself in the lounge chair.

The best series that arrive at Movistar Plus + in June 2022

Well, two of the great novelties that you will find on the platform are Tigger Point: Out of Control and The First Lady. The first premieres on June 13, and it is an action series in which it boasts of being extremely realistic by showing what day-to-day is like in a bomb squad unit. It lands with weekly episodes and, at least by bill, it’s worth giving it a try.

The second that we have commented on allows reviewing from the day June 30th what has been the trajectory of the first ladies that the United States has had. This is important because its influence is much greater than many believe, and you will be able to enjoy a spectacular cast so you can see on screen what happened in different eras where figures such as Barak Obama or the charismatic President Roosevelt ruled.

The rest of the premieres They are the ones that we list below with their corresponding day of landing in Movistar Plus +:

  • Devils: Season Two June 3
  • Harry Palmer: The Ipcress File: June 6

The films that arrive in premiere

Here it must be said that the VOD service we are talking about is much more powerful, since at least in number things improve. Possibly, what is striking for the whole family is that the latest installment of one of the most recognized sagas in history can be seen at home: Ghostbusters: Beyond. The day you can see how all the original characters evolved will be June 24. By the way, the cast is not bad, so it must be said that Jason Reitman, who is the director, is right.

Another of the options that you should not miss in Movistar Plus + in the month of June 2022 is hive, which opens on the platform on June 7. Winner of the Sundance Festival last year, a very strong story in which you can see the strength you can have in the face of adversity, even if it comes from a war. An excellent creation.

Others films that arrive and that you can enjoy are the ones that you will find in the list that we provide you:

  • The wheel of fortune and fantasy: June 7
  • Way Down: June 10
  • Super… Who?: June 15
  • Paranormal Activity: Close Friends: June 18
  • Lamb: June 22
  • Holy Spirit: June 28
  • Ghostland Prisoners: June 30

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