Pascual agrees with the unions an ERE for 137 employees

Pascual, who presented an Employment Regulation File (ERE) on December 14, has reached an agreement with the unions to reduce the collective dismissal procedure by 31%, which will ultimately affect around 137 workers, as reported by the company in a statement.

Specifically, the company has specified in a statement that the affected workers are mainly from its distributor Qualianza, and to a lesser extent from the industrial area and central services.

Pascual has pointed out that this reorganization of its structure is due to the firm’s need to adapt to the market and the new digital scenario.

The company has indicated that more than 40% of those affected will take advantage of incentive leave or incentive retirement plans and has indicated that the severance payments contemplated in this procedure will have the “most favorable conditions” established by law. In addition, counseling services and job search assistance are offered to affected workers.

The company has also highlighted the “effort” made by both parties to reach a “satisfactory solution” and welcomes the rigor and responsibility that have presided over the negotiating process from the beginning, always seeking the least possible social impact.

Pascual has approached this job adjustment process with “special sensitivity”, prioritizing the most limited scope possible at all times during the negotiation, as well as considering each case individually, as shown by the decrease in the final number of people involved, as well as favorable conditions for the workers.

Despite this operation, the company has indicated that the company’s commitment to the quality of employment and the sustainability of the business project remains “unalterable”.

Pascual stressed that these measures represent an exercise of responsibility in the new scenario in which the company moves. The rapid evolution of the market and its imminent transformation, accelerated in recent times, have highlighted aspects such as omnichannel, digital transformation, Industry 4.0, the automation of processes or the new relational models with clients and consumers.

This new scenario has motivated the company to an “urgent reorganization” of human resources to face the future in a better competitive position.

Pascual launched a new strategic cycle last year with new challenges and positioning that places integral sustainability at the center from environmental care, well-being and social development and economic growth in the communities where it is present. The renovation supposes the adaptation of the company to the new times, anticipating the tendencies that had already been guessed previously.


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