Orange opens to voluntary terminations and early retirements in its ERE, with compensation of up to 45 days

The process of the employment regulation file (ERE) of Orange Espagne, which will affect a maximum of 485 workers, has been launched this Tuesday, with the constitution of the negotiating table.

According to union sources, the operator has indicated that, in relation to the proposal to carry out the exits, it is intended that the assignment criterion is primarily voluntary with the right to veto. However, the company has indicated that it can be forced if the numbers presented in the report are not met.

In addition, Orange has indicated that early retirement may be studied for workers 55 or more years of age, and with 10 years of seniority.

The compensation would generally be 45/33 days per year worked, calculated with a fixed and variable salary, always with a maximum of 24 monthly payments.

These sources indicate that the company has reaffirmed itself in the existence of productive, technical and organizational causes as a consequence of a market situation that forces to stop all diversification processes to focus on the core of the company and thus stabilize results that have significantly worsened. The simplification and optimization of processes to reduce the cost of attracting and maintaining customers are the objectives pursued.

In total, if executed under the initial terms, it will mean going from a current staff of 3,155 people to a future of 2,670.

The UGT union has requested the withdrawal of the file and the opening of the channels of dialogue that enable the signed and current agreement to analyze from the collective bargaining the measures that should allow the company to face the challenges of a market that in the words of the company it is hyper-competitive and focused on the low-cost. The union has blamed a regulation that directly attacks the stability of the operators that invest and create jobs.

In any case, UGT has valued the effort made by the company when preparing this first proposal, which indicates its willingness to negotiate.


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