On August 2, the second call for the Digital Kit Program was published, the aid program for the digitalization of companies promoted by the Government.

The new companies that can request their digital voucher as of September 2, they must be considered micro-enterprises. That is, they must have between three and ten employees at most. With this new business profile, called segment II, some aspects of the aid have been updated. Some services, technical aspects, as well as the amount of certain points. Next, we are going to see all these novelties that the digital kit brings.

Changes and improvements of the new call for the Digital Kit program

Advanced presence on the internet. One of the innovations offered to companies is to have increased reach and internet traffic. To do this, a business positioning service is offered on the network, analysis of its keywords, SEO, competitor reports, etc. All aimed at improving your internet presence to reach more target audience.

Marketplace. Another novelty introduced is the inclusion of the products or services of the business in an electronic commerce platform. Among the services included, business and competition analysis, digital strategy to achieve the objectives and creation and registration of products on the selected platform are carried out.

Functional improvement. It is an improvement of a service that had already been implemented, but has to be updated. For example, when there is a new tool that improves the old one, and you have to renew a service because the previous one does not fulfill the desired function.

Assigned amount. The amount has been increased to 6,000 euros. Specifically, some of the aids have been specified. In the case of the electronic invoice, these segment II companies can obtain up to 2,000 euros when before it was a maximum of 1,000 euros. For its part, process management is now endowed with 3,000 euros. (before it was €2,000).

Employees in the last year. In order to access the new call for the digital kit, the number of employees on staff in the last year must be between three and ten at most.

Signature for justification. Red.es has updated the signature methods, including the electronic certificate, [email protected] PIN and permanent [email protected] so that the adhesion between the digitizing agents of the companies is easier.

Parameterization hours. Other changes introduced and published by Red.es are the hours in process management. In this new call, the characteristics and other peculiarities of each business must be defined in order to plan its implementation. Namely, It will be a much more adapted and personalized service for each company.

Hardware. The option of subsidizing specific hardware is allowed whenever it is needed for the development of a specific objective. It is established that the hardware must only be used for this purpose, otherwise it cannot be subsidized.

Web page. In the event that the beneficiary company already has its domain for the website purchased, it can be used to modify its website, without having to buy a new one. In this sense, the new digital kit also incorporates the multi-language function, so that the website can be translated when the company needs it. This new improvement is aimed above all at companies with businesses outside of Spain, or that are directed at foreign users or buyers.

New types of companies. have been incorporated new types of companies as beneficiaries of the digital kit. Specifically, civil companies with a commercial purpose, professional civil companies and shared ownership farms, provided that they carry out an economic activity. In addition, it is also indicated and warned that Temporary Business Unions (UTES) are not eligible for this aid.

Deadlines for requesting aid. This second call for companies segment II (between three and ten employees) has already been published. Those interested can apply for the bonus starting this coming Friday, September 2, and until September 15.

How to apply for help

To request the bonus, the steps remain the same that with the first call:

  • Register in the private area of ​​www.acelerapyme.es and complete the digital self-diagnosis test.

  • Next, you should consult the digitization solutions available from the Digital Kit program on the website www.acelerapyme.es. Among these solutions you can choose one or several.

  • Apply for aid at the Red.es electronic office.

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