Mifarma invoices more than 73 million in Spain in 2020 and accelerates to be a

Mifarma, the online sales company of pharmacy and parapharmacy products based in Albacete, has proposed to lead this business throughout Europe, after reaching a turnover last year in Spain of more than 73 million, 60% more than in the previous exercise. It will do so under the Atida Plus brand, one of the main online health platforms in Europe, after the British investment fund Marcol bought the La Mancha company in 2019 and integrated it into the project.

Founded ten years ago in Spain by Reme Navarro and Javier de la Rosa, Mifarma handled more than 1.5 million orders in 2020. “Now, and after leading the markets of Spain and Portugal, the objective is to replicate the success model of Mifarma in the rest of Europe and to be leaders in online pharma in all the countries where we enter”, explained the general director of Atida in southern Europe, Ernesto Martín, who has highlighted the enormous potential of the market they are targeting, health in general, which in Europe moves around two billion euros (500,000 million only in pharmacy).

The company is already present in seven countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands), with more than 200 direct and indirect employees and more than two million registered customers. About three million registered users. “We are generating about 6,000 daily orders, exceeding demand peaks of 15,000 in the black Friday”Added Martín.

In Spain, Mifarma, which sold 11 million masks in 2020 (about 50,000 a day since the pandemic began), offers more than 30,000 references (nutrition, cosmetics and beauty, children, hygiene, optics, perfumery …) of some 800 different brands. The company recently moved to a larger warehouse, with more than 7,000 square meters, also in Albacete, in Chinchilla de Montearagón, from where they will cover the entire area of ​​Southern Europe.

According to Martín, consumption habits have changed and now the population maintains an increasingly proactive care and is more concerned with taking care of their health. “It is no longer like in the past that you went to the pharmacy only when you had a problem. Now, people are constantly looking for things that improve health; they want to eat well, sleep well, treat their joints, do more sport, and that is why we want to position ourselves as a more holistic platform in terms of health ”.

Navarro and De la Rosa continue to be linked to Atida’s project as Director of Business Strategy and Director of Ecommerce Development, respectively. Both assure that the new, more ambitious project will maintain the essence with which Mifarma started in Spain. “From the beginning we tried to create a platform that would bring all the information related to health and pharmacy closer to citizens, and that continues to be the objective,” said the directive.

De la Rosa added, for his part, that “the idea is that buying at Atida Plus is as easy as using Netflix, and that is why we are working on a new platform, with professionals in Amsterdam and Albacete, to offer something differential to that has been seen so far in health. ”The firm plans to provide its clients with a personalized experience based on the products they usually buy, and offer them new health monitoring services, which they have not yet detailed.

The new platform, which will allow them to promote themselves in Europe, will launch its first version in Portugal and this year it will be unified in the rest of the countries. Atida also plans to launch a personalized nutrition and counseling service in Spain that the company already offers in other countries.

Those responsible for Mifarma (now Atida Plus) have explained that their objective is to be able to serve 90% of Europeans in 24 hours, as is done now in Spain and that they will continue to launch their own brand products, such as Balasense, vitamins and food complexes. “Some are already on their way. We want to expand the catalog and take advantage of the scale that Europe gives us and improve margins. We have a department dedicated exclusively to this, looking for suppliers that allow us to respond to customer requests. They are products that we try to offer at an economical price and always based on effectiveness ”.


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