MásMóvil reaches two million broadband customers, 90% fiber

MásMóvil has reached a new milestone. The operator announced today that it has reached two million fixed broadband customers. Of these, about 1.8 million, 90% of the total park, correspond to customers with fiber optic connection.

In a statement, the teleco highlights that it has managed to overcome in a record time of just over four years, indicating that it has been the alternative operator that has taken the least time to reach this level in the Spanish market. Thus, MásMóvil closed 2016, the year in which it acquired Yoigo, with 122,000 broadband clients. In 2017 it incorporated 382,000 lines, another 487,000 in 2018 and over 500,000 in 2019 and 2020, in the latter year, despite the pandemic.

“The group has attracted more than 100,000 fixed broadband customers during 14 consecutive quarters, dealing with the growth of the market in this segment during this period,” explained MásMóvil in its statement.

The operator directed by Meinrad Spenger points out that, at present, it has a network coverage of 25 million marketable homes, which have been deployed quickly and efficiently, reaching remote parts of the Spanish geography.

MásMóvil is now experiencing a new era, after the takeover launched in 2020 by KKR, Cinven and Providence, which paid close to 3,000 million euros for the company, plus debt. The teleco, which had entered the Ibex 35 in 2019, ceased trading after the operation.


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