The Easter holidays are just around the corner. Do you still need last minute hacks for your Easter campaigns? Marcel Hollerbach shows how seasonal marketing works in corona times.

Easter is a family holiday and arguably one of the most important days of the Church. Like many other holidays, the festival will be one thing above all: Increasingly commercial. Today’s children can hardly be impressed with colorful chocolate eggs – more and more presents are needed. For companies and especially for dealers in E-Commerce Now it is time to get creative by using colorful, spring-like, pastel and also kitschy materials.

The right themes, colors and motifs are essential

Every season and every holiday have their own typical motifs. If you don’t have the inspiration here, a short survey of friends and acquaintances will help you. The main target groups are children, adolescents and parents, because the family is clearly in the foreground at this festival. In addition, spring is just around the corner and we want to escape the winter and the cold. Recurring motifs are therefore colorful flowers (daffodils), baby animals (for example little Easter bunnies, chicks, sheep and more) or painted eggs, green meadows and warm sunshine. Color nuances used are often either bright or pastel colored.

The most important thing about the Easter design is that it consistently runs through all marketing and social media channels and can be found everywhere. People tend to forget the Newsletterwho are looking for a colorful Easter flair and short-term discounts. A few nice motifs can also be incorporated here at the last minute.

Offer interactive competitions and promotions

With the actions and measures you can draw on the full at Easter and create great competitions or include emotional motifs and games for the whole family. A classic Easter egg hunt or a simple search image, in which you can cleverly put your products in the limelight, awaken the play instinct. At the same time, you increase the number of users. You can start a photo competition on social media with little effort: The most creative Easter motif linked to your company’s offer wins. So you increase it Range of your channels. With a little extra budget and the right ads, you can reach a targeted user group for the best possible success.

Especially this year, the influence of the corona pandemic should not be disregarded, because for some time it has been necessary to celebrate festivals a little differently than usual. Therefore, offer your users inside and outside tips that will make them forget that they are not celebrating with grandma and grandpa, but rather stay at home with their closest family. However, you can keep in touch digitally with loved ones who you won’t get to see in person this year. You can, for example, score points with great last-minute handicraft tips that are quickly and easily prepared for Instagram, Facebook and Co. and which followers can implement together over longer distances.

It is essential to ensure that all offers and games are mobile and optimized for the respective channels and platforms, because hopefully the computer will stay off during the holidays, so that cell phones and tablets will certainly be decisive as end devices used. For this purpose, marketers can fall back on numerous technical innovations such as feed management solutions and thus quickly and easily create Easter promotions and cool product images with Easter motifs. Small companies and retailers in particular benefit from this, who previously lacked the time and expertise for targeted seasonal campaigns under normal circumstances.

Successful campaigns and individual approaches

An exciting example of a good and at the same time informative campaign was provided Nivea. In a well thought-out presentation for young and old, the company brings the meaning of Easter closer and shows how the festival is celebrated in other countries. There is also a delicious recipe for the Easter bakery. The whole thing is accompanied by beautiful and familiar Easter motifs and only incorporates its own products very subtly.

Mercedes Benz, on the other hand, did one last year Video message sent into the world with healthy greetings Refers to the current pandemic, puts your own product in the limelight and remains true to the company’s image. Toy manufacturers like Lego are predestined for Easter. On the Website of the Danish group there are cute Easter kits and handicraft ideas with matching motifs to download.

The global fast food chain McDonalds does not miss the opportunities that the holidays bring with them and offers its users many discounts and a virtual egg search. Since this is only via App works, the group is also increasing the number of downloads for the application.

Some companies had to adapt their planned campaigns to the current situation due to the pandemic, including Milka. The candy manufacturer had originally planned to run last year’s Easter campaign under the name “Together Easter is simply better” – under the current circumstances, this slogan would have been a stab in the heart for many people. Instead, the company decided to go back to the long-standing slogan “In the heart tender” and add the hashtag #ImHerzenZuggle to it. Finally, it must be taken into account that large family gatherings cannot take place in real life. Nevertheless, the good feeling must not be lost.

The marketing year in the corona change

While the marketing year was usually pretty easy to plan ahead of time in terms of the seasons, right now, as in so many industries, everything is different. Sunday was the best day for selling online for a long time, but today we’re mostly at home anyway, so our habits have changed too. And what we buy has also changed. In the past few months, we hardly needed any fancy business clothes, no New Year’s outfits, no carnival costumes, and also fewer beach items and travel accessories. On the other hand, sales of home exercise equipment and relaxed casual clothing are likely to have increased massively even outside the cozy season and far away from the post-Christmas fitness boom. Many are now reflecting on the actual values ​​and the family – this also means that traditional holidays such as Easter will become more important in e-commerce.

Marketing decision-makers should take a close look at what the calendar has to offer and plan unusual holidays for the campaigns. Right after Easter, around April 7th, World Health Day and German are due Tag the elderly on the plan – as if made for an emotional campaign on the social media in times of Corona. Regardless of whether it is World Laughing Day, Pride Month, World Children’s Day, World Blood Donation Day or Gardening Day: It is important to take a close look and pick out the best moments for the right campaigns. Be different, arouse emotions and get people to think of something different – from pure discount campaigns, beyond the box, across all channels.


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