How would the new Renault Sandero, Logan and Stepway be for South America


As we told you yesterday, in Brazil the first patents appeared with exclusive design for the new family Sandero Stepway, Logan, in the South American region, but according to what transpired, the three models will not be the same as those of Romanian origin, offered under the Dacia signature, since in our continent it will be sought that this trident is as similar as possible to the Renault marketed in Europe.

That is why not only the design will be different, but also that the denominations may change. Apparently, Logan would be called Taliant and the other two models could also undergo modifications.

With new names, more equipment and a unique style, the idea would be to start separating the Romanian ties (Dacia) and adopt a much stronger identity with the “100 percent Renault”.

In this third generation, the cars that will be offered in our region will have the new CMF modular platform, low-displacement engines but with a better power level and presence of greater technology and safety.

Following the records in Brazil, the first projections did not take long to appear like those made by KDesign, which give us a clearer idea of ​​what the final designs might look like.


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