One of the things that you surely want to avoid is children accessing content that is not suitable for them, both in terms of movies and series on streaming video platforms. If what you use to access them is a Amazon FireTV Stickwe tell you how to achieve it in a simple way.

The tool that has to be used to achieve it is included in the multimedia player itself, which is none other than the so-called Parental control. This accesses the information of what you want to play and, when it detects that it is not recommended for the age set in the configuration, it prevents you from starting playback unless you know the PIN to jump the barrier that is He has imposed. So that the configuration that you will leave is not a problem in use, we recommend that you create a profile for this purpose, you will surely appreciate it.

Steps to activate parental controls on Fire TV Stick

All you have to do is very easy, so in just a few minutes you will have the desired configuration fully active and functional, which will make you forget about when you leave the controls of the player to the little ones in the house. What you should do is the following:

  • Access the configuration of the Amazon accessory, to achieve this use the icon on the right side of the user interface in the shape of a gear (right next to the featured apps).
  • You will now see all the existing options in the Settings, among them you have to select Account and profile settings. You access a new window in which thirdly you will see Parental Control. Use it with the remote control as usual.
  • By default, this option is disabled, so you have to click on it to change the situation. You will then have to establish a PIN that acts as a gateway and, once you do this, you will see some additional options that you have to establish as best suits you.
  • From this moment on, when a child accesses content that does not fit the established age, they will need to enter the numbers of the control system or they will not be able to watch the movie or series with the Fire TV Stick.
  • You’ve finished.


You can remove parental controls from the Amazon Fire TV Stick by following the steps, but when you press what you do is disable the function… but, to achieve it, you need to know the PIN – otherwise you will not be able to do it. As you can see, add a protection layer The player of the well-known online store is very simple and we assure you that its operation is perfect.

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