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Today’s customers want answers to their questions quickly. Google now makes it easier to get in touch and answer these questions – directly via Maps and Search.

It has been important for businesses to be findable and approachable online, and not just since yesterday. Google is now introducing new features that make it easier for users to get in touch with the companies they are looking for directly via Maps and Search. Especially in times of the corona crisis, businesses have to remain flexible and answer many questions online. For example, the question of security measures, current opening times or whether a delivery service is offered. Google puts the new features on its own Blog before and explains:

When people look for information online, they want to find the answers to their questions quickly. This is especially true for people browsing nearby businesses. Business Profiles help merchants share information like how late you’re open and what safety measures are in place. But sometimes people are looking for answers to more niche questions such as: ‚Do you make gluten-free cakes?‘ or ‚Is there covered parking?‘

Answer questions directly via Search and Maps

Accordingly, it will soon be possible to integrate new messaging options in Maps and Search. First, the feature is rolled out in Maps. This means that users can use Google Maps App approach the company with questions.

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As Google explains in the blog post, there has been an increase in messages sent to businesses in recent months. Google wants to simplify this process for both sides. Furthermore, the Message Button in Google Maps are available, but customers can now also start a conversation under any post from the company. They are also referred to the message function if their call does not get through.

Once you turn messaging on from your Business Profile, you can start replying to customers on Google Maps from the business messages section in the “Updates” tab. And soon you’ll also be able to see your messages right from Google Search (via the Customers menu on your Business Profile) and message customers directly from your computer.

In order to be able to use the messaging features, the business must verified by google his. Local shops in particular could benefit from the new functions in the run-up to Christmas. However, it must always be remembered that the GMB account must then be maintained regularly and time must be invested.

How is my company found? New insights provide clarity

The new insights that Google announces in the same blog post should also help with the structure and maintenance. In the supplemented reports, business owners can see how their account was searched for and found. A detailed list shows the search terms that users used, as well as whether the business was found via search or maps and whether the users accessed it via mobile:

At the beginning of next year, you’ll see updates to the performance page that show whether customers saw your business via Google Maps or Search and if they saw it from a computer or mobile device. All your performance data will be available for up to six months.

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With all the new features, Google gives companies valuable tools to improve their online presence and to get in direct contact with their customers. The Google My Business profile is often the first point of contact for information online and should therefore always be kept up to date. The insights can provide information on what customers expect from their own business.

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