Brands and retailers can use the beta version of the “Extended Ads” campaign type, among other things, to get the top position in the eBay search results or operate targeted keyword targeting.

Internal data from eBay from 2020 shows that one in five purchases from the platform with an offer that is right at the top of the Search results page stands, begins. The company would therefore like to make the relevance of this position even more fruitful for brands and retailers. With the new campaign type “Ads Expand BETA” from eBay Ads, they now have privileged access to the top position in the search results. At the same time, “Show Advanced” Keyword Targetingwith which the buyer: inside at the exact moment of the purchase decision with maximum visibility can be addressed. With the cost-per-click model for “Ads Extended BETA”, the brands and retailers can easily determine for themselves how much each click is worth to them for each of the selected keywords.

In addition, the new feature allows advertisers to set a maximum daily budget. In combination with the “Standard Advertisement” function, brands and retailers have the option of targeting around 20 million active buyers across Germany on the eBay marketplace.

Beta test of eBay advertising option showed performance boost

70 percent of all purchases on eBay start with a search. This has been shown by internal investigations by the company. A beta test of the new ad function has already shown that various key figures can be optimized. Thanks to the top placement and the new functions with daily budget and keyword targeting, Bedifol GmbH, for example, generated a significant increase in sales of 50 percent with a very good one with its display and privacy protection products from Schutzfolien24 Click-Through-Rate of 11.4 percent and a return on advertising spend of 3.3: 1.

At eBay, we firmly believe that we can only be successful together with our customers. Our goal is to offer advertisers and retailers of all sizes innovative and holistic advertising solutions that help them to increase their sales and strengthen their brand,

says Eleonore Morlas, General Manager CSEU at eBay Ads. That a top position in the search results with a E-CommercePlatform more Traffic for an offer and ultimately also to promote sales is not surprising. It could therefore be more surprising that eBay Ads is only now introducing this option as a beta version. However, this could increase company sales again in the important fourth quarter of the year. In the second quarter sales were $ 2.7 billion. With Amazon, now every quarter Generates over $ 100 billion in sales, eBay can no longer keep up. That should also apply to the advertising section. After all, could Advertiser On eBay, however, you will find a different target group that you can target with the new advertising option.

The information in this post is taken from the official eBay press release.

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