CaixaBank summons the unions on April 13 to negotiate the largest ERE in banking

CaixaBank has summoned the unions on April 13 to start the procedure for collective dismissal and modification of conditions after the merger with Bankia has been made effective.

“We have just received a call from CaixaBank to initiate the collective dismissal procedure provided for in article 51 of the Workers’ Statute, as well as the one for the modification of working conditions provided for in article 41 of the Statute. The meeting will be on 13 December April at 11 am in Barcelona “, reported UGT on its Twitter account. The entity has also sent a press release announcing the date to begin negotiating what will be the largest ERE carried out by a financial institution in Spain and which will affect a minimum of 7,000 employees. although financial sources indicate that it may even exceed 8,000 exits once the bank’s management has decided to carry out this adjustment in one go, to clear up the uncertainties in the workforce for at least the next three years after the closing of This process.

It is expected, as the bank has communicated to the unions, that the process will begin in June to end just one year later, in June 2022. And from that date on, no further adjustments will be made until at least 2025 .

Before Easter, Bankia disappeared as an independent legal entity, after its absorption by CaixaBank was registered in the Mercantile Registry.

The details of the process of integration of personnel between both entities will be discussed first with the unions and the bank does not intend to undertake a traumatic process, but under the criteria of voluntariness and meritocracy, regardless of the entity of origin, as advanced in the CEO, Gonzalo Gortázar.

The unions have already warned about the importance of the Employment Regulation File (ERE) contemplating attractive compensation, non-traumatic exits, early retirement, total voluntariness and lengthening of deadlines.

They also warn that with the participation of the State in the new group, which will be 16.1%, it is not possible to run the media or reputational risk of creating a climate of conflict with the staff when negotiating the ERE.

Analysts estimate exits of about 8,000 employees, a figure that is close to the 8,400 employees over 50 that both banks have. The unions, for their part, consider this figure to be “very high”.


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