CaixaBank reduces layoffs and improves ERE conditions in its offer to unions

CaixaBank has sent the unions a new offer within the negotiations for the ERE of the financial institution, after the absorption of CaixaBank. According to sources close to the negotiations, the company would have offered to raise the relocations to 686 (from 500). This would bring the number of layoffs to 7,605 contracts. The initial proposal was 8,291 exits.

In parallel, the company has modified the conditions for departures. Thus, 56-year-old workers can opt for early retirement, consisting of the payment of 54% of the fixed salary, plus Social Security contributions, up to 63 years of age. Previously, this group was limited to 56 years and with 50% of the salary.

The threshold has also been lowered for workers who will receive punctual compensation, but to whom Social Security contributions will be paid up to 61 years of age. Now this group includes employees aged 55 to 58 and now 54 to 55. These employees will be paid a single payment of 53% of salary multiplied by 5.5 times (that is, about 2.9 times salary).

Employees aged 52 or 53 will be paid 50% of salary multiplied by 5.5 times (275% of salary). The rest of the workers, those under 55, would charge 35 days per year worked – the previous proposal raised 30 – with a ceiling of 24 monthly payments.

The meeting also raised changes in working conditions. “CaixaBank’s management has also presented a new proposal for changes in working conditions that focuses on the key aspects linked to the development of the business model, measures to facilitate the organization of rural offices and ofibuses, and the reform of the social security system “, according to sources close to the negotiation.

The unions are planning mobilizations, coinciding with the strike scheduled for tomorrow at BBVA.

Today’s meeting continues, so the proposals may vary.


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