British Government promises truckers crossing at Christmas

The British government promised that the ferries crossing the English Channel will continue to operate tomorrow, Christmas Day, and Saturday, to ease the chaos in the port of Dover, where thousands of truckers expect to pass to France.

Truckers, of different nationalities, wait on the motorway and on an airstrip near Dover waiting to cross the mainland, after France opened the border with the United Kingdom on Wednesday, closed Sunday on fears about the find of a new strain of the coronavirus in England.

Thousands of truckers have formed a long line on the main highway leading to Dover and many are at a local airfield while waiting to be tested for COVID-19 to receive clearance to cross the English Channel.

The French authorities require truckers to take a negative covid-19 test in order to enter their territory.

British Transport Minister Grant Shapps promised on Thursday that the ferries will operate at Christmas, the only day of the year when the UK has no transport.

According to the minister, French firefighters will collaborate in rapid tests for covid-19.

“As well as ensuring that the ferries will leave on Christmas Day and the following day, we also have the great cooperation of French firefighters,” who will work with British Public Health personnel, the Transport Minister tweeted.

Around this time of year, an estimated 10,000 trucks cross between Dover and Calais in France each day to transport fresh food and other merchandise for the holidays.

Some truckers stranded in Dover fought with the police yesterday to the clear frustration of the truckers, many of them forced to spend several nights in their vehicles and without access to sanitary facilities.


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