Blackrock outperforms Albertos in ACS after passing 5%

The American Fund Blackrock, considered the largest asset manager in the world, has crossed the 5% threshold with its stake in the infrastructure group ACS. The entity has communicated this Tuesday to the CNMV that its voting rights reach 5.009%, among the rights derived from its shares and financial instruments, from the previous 4.998%.

Blackrock, which was already above 5% just a year ago, surpasses in voting rights the tandem formed by Alberto Cortina and Alberto Alcocer, which have 4.83% through the companies Invernelin, Percacer and Comercio y Finanzas.

Ahead of the New York-based fund is Société Générale (6.36%), whose stake fluctuates depending on its trading activity. trading and securities lending, and the first shareholder, President Florentino Pérez, who comes from integrating its shareholding packages by 12.7% on the instrumental Rosan.

The chief executive adds 0.16% to this stake in voting rights derived from options on half a million shares, reaching 12.84%.

Blackrock shares, whose presence in ACS dates back five years, have a market value slightly more than 400 million. The increase in its participation occurred on February 3, according to the CNMV records.

ACS has just announced that 39.7% of its capital has chosen to collect the dividend of 0.452 euros gross per share in cash and not in shares. The payment of this amount has become effective on this Tuesday. In this way, the company has acquired 123.3 million free allocation rights for a total gross amount of 55.7 million euros.


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