The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus earn money again and concluded 2021 with a Record net profit of €4.2 billion (5.36 euros per share), from losses of 1,113 million in the previous year. The stabilization of the company after the worst moments of the pandemic has led to the proposal of a dividend of 1.5 euros per share which will be paid on April 21.

The company comes from delivering 611 commercial aircraft (566 in 2020) and to declare income of 52,100 million (4% more than in 2020), which leaves an adjusted EBIT of 4,865 million euros, from 1,706 million euros in the first year of the pandemic.

Consolidated (reported) EBIT was €5,342 million (-€510 million in 2020), including net adjustments of €477 million related to the A380 program (€274 million); the sale of facilities in France (122 million); the release of provisions for 200 million from the restructuring plan, or from the A400M program (-212 million).

Free cash flow before corporate operations and customer financing was 3,500 million (-6,935 million euros in 2020), and the group’s net cash reached 7,600 million. The liquidity situation is 28,700 million euros.

In the presentation of annual results, a guide has also been provided on what is expected of this year. The industrial giant foresees a much calmer 2022, “without disturbances in the world economy, in air traffic, in the company’s internal operations or in its ability to deliver products and services,” it said in a statement. His estimates go through delivery of 720 commercial aircraft this yearan increase in adjusted EBIT to 5.5 billion and free cash flow remaining at 3.5 billion before corporate transactions and customer financing.

More orders and deliveries

The CEO, William Faury, has described 2021 as a year of transition: “After dealing with the pandemic, we turned our attention to recovery and growth. Thanks to the resilience and effort of our teams, customers and suppliers, we have obtained excellent results in the year”. The executive highlighted this morning “a higher number of commercial aircraft deliveries, the good performance of our Helicopters and Defense and Space activities, as well as our competitiveness and cost containment initiatives”.

Of the 566 aircraft distributed, 50 were of the A220 model; 483 correspond to the A320 family; 18 aircraft have been of the A330 for the long haul, and of the A350 and A380 models, 55 and 5 units were delivered, respectively.

Revenue generated by Airbus commercial aircraft activities increased 6% reflecting. Airbus Helicopters improved 4% in income, and the Defense and Space area saw its turnover fall 2% mainly due to Military Aircraft.

Gross commercial aircraft orders were 771, from 383 aircraft in 2020, and net orders were 507 aircraft after cancellations (268 aircraft in 2020). The order book stands at 7,082 commercial aircraft as of December 31, 2021.

Airbus Helicopters registered 414 net orders (268 units in 2020), reaching a contracting ratio over sales for the period of more than 1 both in units and in value. These include 52 H160 helicopters, of which 30 constitute the first batch of the H160M military version of the French joint light helicopter programme. The volume of deliveries was 338 helicopters (300 in 2020).

orders received in Airbus Defense and Space they increased to 13,700 million euros (11,900 million in 2020) in value, which implies a contracting ratio over sales for the period of around 1.3. These figures include key orders in the Military Aircraft activity, such as the in-service support of the German and Spanish Eurofighter fleets, as well as a good rate of export of the C295, A330 MRTT and the A400M transport aircraft.

The company points out that the value of consolidated orders received increased to 62,000 million euros (33,300 million euros in 2020) and the consolidated order book amounted to 398,000 million euros as of December 31, 2021. This last magnitude improves the 373,000 million of the previous year, among other things due to the strengthening of the US dollar.

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