9 E-Commerce Design Trends for 2021

Pimp your online shop! We present nine trends with which you can put your products in the limelight. From easy to implement to tips for absolute professionals, everything is included in these e-commerce design trends.

During the corona pandemic, the E-Commerce an incomparable shopping boom. Numerous traders turned to online to sell their goods. But in addition to marketing measures to get enough people into your own online shop, the appearance in it must also be right. Simple product photography against a white background is a thing of the past for an audience that has been aesthetically spoiled by Instagram and Pinterest. But if you can’t stay up to date with the latest trends, you often find it difficult to have a contemporary appearance in the online shop. For this reason, the experts from What’s the Host the current e-commerce design trends are compiled.

1. Modern still life

Simple product photography is no longer enough. Nowadays we turn products into works of art. This succeeds with meaningful decoration and the ideal setting in scene. Well-known objects also help to assess the size of the product.

© Poketo

2. Products with a tile look

OK, but exciting. If you have smaller or only a few products, you can photograph them in the trendy “tile look”. The photos also make great banners.


© Morwellens

3. Poppiges Pastel

Color trends change every year. Pastel is at the forefront this year. Perfect in any color combination to spread a good mood without being too colorful.


© Aida

4. Modern lattice optics

Granted, this brutalist web design may not suit every brand. But brands that want to look a bit edgy have found their design for 2021 here.


© Studio Job

5. The anatomy of the product

Of course, creating a collage like this will take some time and resources, but the devil is in the details. In this way, quality and unique selling points become particularly visible and show the lead over the competition.


© mahabis

6. Make the visual tangible

While online shopping has many advantages over offline shopping, there is one thing that we are not yet able to do on the Internet: touching things. Online retailers have lost out, especially with products for which the haptic experience is often decisive for buying or not buying. In a new trend, however, online shops are getting creative and displaying objects next to their products that are similar to one another in order to give users a better feeling for the product.


© RSVP Paris

7. Sculptures

For some time now, Bauhaus and minimalism have been two popular trends that can also be taken up in product photography. Interesting geometry, angles, strong color accents and the play with light and shadow make these trend photos almost works of art.


© Aesop

8. What’s inside?

Transparency and quality should always have the highest priority in online shops. After all, what is it that sets you apart from the competition? An overview page, which breaks down what products contain, creates trust and the possibility to present products beyond a product text.


© Ritual

9. Barely visible geometric patterns

One of the easiest trends to implement that makes a direct difference. The choice is a subtle pattern instead of a plain background. barely visible, but interesting enough to catch the user’s attention.


© Fronks

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