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COVID-19 figure show differences across countries, here no doubt about the healthiness crisis’s profound economic involvement. As a consequence, micro business, small business and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are affected worldwide. The Effect of COVID-19 on Small Business can be perceived in geographic areas not pointedly affected by the virus itself.

The Effect of COVID-19 on Business

The epidemic has affected most businesses. While small businesses in all regions are feeling the effects, African businesses are suffering more. Measures to control viruses, such as lockdowns and canteens, have damaged the process in companies. It has also affected other local and multinational global supply chains. Business managers say their income has dropped significantly and entry inputs have become more challenging. In other words, the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses faces difficulties in both the market and supply.

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Small businesses face an increased risk of permanent closure.

While most organizations are affected by the crisis, its severity and extent vary depending on the firm’s size. Its impact on MSMEs is particularly acute as it is affected by the pandemic. Food and shelter services and wholesale and retail services are the most affected areas. Smaller companies are more insecure: they have less assets and less cash savings to reduce the liquidity limit caused by lockdowns. Of the four MSMEs, there is a risk of permanent closure in about a few months.

Access to information is the key to supporting those most in need.

Transparency and information are essential if companies want to benefit from government assistance programs. Exposure to information and benefits related to COVID-19 from government assistance services is acute. But while small businesses provide the most support, these incentive programs are less likely to help them. COVID-related assistance has been established, with specific guidelines to ensure timely access to such services.

Overall, small businesses make up over 95% of all companies, representing around 65% of total jobs. The widespread expansion of MSMEs could have a detrimental effect on the national economy and global development prospects. In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, policymakers will prioritize policies that favor small businesses.


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