Socxo launches the social marketing tool ‘Socxly’ in India

Mumbai: Socxo, the Bangalore based brand advocacy platform announces the launch of Socxly in India. Socxly is an organic social marketing platform of products and acts as a one-stop tool for content marketers and creators.

The ‘short link’ tool generator by Socxly helps content creators and marketers who use ‘short links’ for social posts, to differentiate their content in today’s social media universe.

Socxly offers a fully integrated set of features to make the short links ‘smarter’ for social sharing and posting, by allowing marketers to configure the short links as Clickable Social Cards, Insert Call to Action Banners & Pixel Retarget Codes, Embed UTM & URI parameters for any Brand/non-Brand content including File based links.

The product also offers a first of its kind ‘Organic Social Campaigns’ feature, to drive social referral marketing for customer advocacy, employee, or partner referral marketing on social media.

Sudarsan Rao
Sudarsan Rao

Speaking on the new product, Sudarsan Rao, Co-Founder and CEO, Socxo said, “We realized that content/social marketers were underutilizing the power of social media and were dependent on multiple tools to run their organic content posting on their social pages. Socxly is an attempt to offer a single point solution to marketers for all their ‘organic social marketing and campaign’ efforts and along with its core tool Socxo, to increase the value of their content marketing by further distributing/amplifying through trusted influencer/brand advocacy.”

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