HashKey Exchange collaborates with VERTU to pioneer the Web3 financial security landscape

Hong Kong, November 13, 2023- Hong Kong licensed exchange HashKey Exchange announced a partnership with UK luxury phone brand VERTU to provide more convenient and secure virtual asset trading experiences for high-end consumers. With the official launch of this strategic cooperation, VERTU will pre-install the HashKey Exchange App, enabling users to enjoy excellent digital asset trading services and financial security protection.

Both HashKey Exchange and VERTU have focused on mobile payments for virtual assets in the past few years. As a leader in the virtual assets trading space, HashKey Exchange is a well-regarded virtual assets trading platform known for being secure, convenient, and compliant. Meanwhile, through the web3 phone METAVERTU, VERTU has brought web3 tools from computers to mobile phones. With its unique hardware and software capabilities, VERTU uses a combination of chips and software to achieve financial institution-level security.

This cooperation opportunity originated from VERTU’s new product launch event for METAVERTU2 held in Hong Kong on November 1st. At the launch event, HashKey Group COO, Livio Weng was invited to attend and expressed strong support for the digital asset security capabilities of METAVERTU2. He first proposed the concept of “warm wallets”. Majority of assets can be stored in cold wallets, while other assets for everyday use can be placed in hot wallets. This way, both the security of cold wallets and the convenience of hot wallets can be achieved.

METAVERTU2 secures unique write and readout functions through bank-level security chips and KEYBOX technology, and strictly forbids external reads to protect user data privacy while enhancing user wallet convenience via biometric authentication like face recognition and fingerprint scans. At the same time, METAVERTU2’s MPC wallet strengthens private key security through fragmented private key storage, further lowering the wallet usage barrier.

HashKey Exchange’s collaboration with VERTU will offer specially designed smartphones catering to users’ digital financial needs. This partnership aims to provide more convenient and secure virtual asset trading services for high-end users worldwide, enhancing VERTU phone users’ comprehensive and diversified digital asset experience. Furthermore, it contributes to the advancement of global mobile cryptocurrency payments.

About HashKey Exchange

On a mission to set the bar for virtual asset exchanges in compliance, safety, and security, Hash Blockchain Limited (HashKey Exchange) has been granted as the first batch of licensed virtual asset exchanges to offer retail services in Hong kong. HashKey Exchange has recently received approval from the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong to operate a virtual asset trading platform under Type 1 (Dealing in securities) licence and Type 7 (Providing automated trading services) licence. As HashKey Group’s exchange business, HashKey Exchange provides all-in-one trading services for both professional investors (PI) and retail investors. HashKey Exchange has obtained ISO 27001 (Information Security) and ISO 27701 (Data Privacy) management system certifications.

Stay tuned for more details about HashKey Exchange.

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VERTU was founded in 1998 and has its headquarters and workshop in Hampshire, UK. In 2002, VERTU launched THE SIGNATURE, the world’s first luxury mobile phone, creating a new category of luxury mobile phones that still remains the market leader today.VERTU strives to perfect the brand’s philosophy of “creating the extraordinary” in every detail, using the rarest and most exceptional materials, setting stringent testing standards, and insisting on artisanal craftsmanship, combining handcrafted craftsmanship, high-end performance and exclusive service. VERTU’s luxury aesthetics are a constant in its DNA, while cutting-edge technology is a key driver of our progress.


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