Artificial Intelligence transforming the global economy, impacting industries and shaping lives

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a growing mainstream technology.  It is reshaping the human journey by increasingly becoming a part of every aspect of our lives. Artificial Intelligence is having an impact on simple things like the way we shop to the more basic things similar to our home, offices to the high-end industry like automobile industries and many others. Its behavior can be known in all spheres of life.

So what is Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence or AI for short , is a branch of science and engineering that is concerned with the study of computer system that shows some form of intelligence, a system that can reason , learn new concepts and draw useful conclusions ,a system that can understand natural language and also perceive and comprehend visual scene. Simply saying AI is a system of study which makes a machine to do something that needs any kind of human mind and the machine can do the tasks more efficiently than the human. Typical problems to which AI is being applied are –Face recognition, Handwriting, Optical character recognition, Photo, and video manipulation, Diagnosis(artificial intelligence), Natural Language Processing, translation and chatterbots, Robotics, Email Spam filtering, Datamining, Health care industry, agriculture and many more.

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Looking at the potential AI have, It is hard for big companies and even the countries to ignore the ever-expanding presence of AI in everyday life. Viewing at its point some of the nations have now taken actions to have a grip on this technology. Japan is on the top –looking at its potential, Japan has already launched the very ambitious program in AI research and development, The cooperative effort between government and private companies is having an impact on the manufacturing of robotics, and related computer product. Many nations have advanced responsibilities in funding for analysis and improvement in Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence has begun to emerge as one of the hardest to ignore technology and any country investing and gaining mastery in it is sure to lead the world.


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