Emerging Technology

The COVID pandemic has stimulated technology’s introduction, and several organizations are on a digital transformation path. In driving these advances, AI plays an essential role in leading businesses to a new level in the post-COVID world. With growing business’s needs to control complexities, AI and ML can play an essential role in achieving these changes. AI is a driving force in almost every industry for changing customer drives to logistics and more.

We expect a lot of development in space with the increased adoption of AI, IoT, analytics to help business growth. 


AI plays a key role in supporting global efforts to tackle COVID. Many studies predict that AI, ML, and analytics will dramatically increase the redefinition of processes in the coming years. As AI is expanding, frameworks need to be implemented to ensure efficiency and accountability.

Customer Experience & AI

Consumer expectations and behavior have dramatically changed because of COVID. AI and ML will be widely used to identify customer decisions and product purchasing. 

With the digital revolution, post-COVID consumer behavior will never return to pre-epidemics. Customers are going to make digital purchases than before. AI can help businesses identify new existing and new customs experience.

AI will also help reduce the divisions between consumers and businesses that have been widened due to COVID. There is an imperative need for a person in digital communication while balancing the cost of customer service. 

Computer Vision

The sustainability of the business, computer vision-based devices, and technology has become more popular. It has become attached to enterprises in various industries, such as retail. To prevent the spread of COVID, many startup companies have started to provide this solution. 

Many studies and reports show that computer vision technology will be deployed to ensure a worker’s safety. It will include CCTV camera programs, including social distance, body temperature detection, and facial recognition for monitoring, tracking, and security purposes.

Digital Transformation

The COVID pandemic has played an important role in promoting digital transformation. The pidemic has provided a new basis for the future of digital transformation, and healthcare, education, and public service are all present today. With AI and ML, the trend will increase even more in the coming days. 


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