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Graphic design uses visual structure to solve problems and conveys ideas through typography, drawing, color, and shape. There’s no one way to do that, and that’s why there are several types of graphic design, each with their own area of specialization.

While they often overlap, different types of skill sets and design techniques required for each kind of graphic design. Some designers are experts on one brand; others focus on the collection of specific, connected shales. As the industry continues to evolve, designers need to be adaptable and lifelong learners so that they can change or incorporate expertise during their careers.

Visual Brand identity graphic design

Visual Brand identity

A brand is a combination of a business or a company and its public. A brand identity is how the company expresses its personality, voice, money, and also its memories, feelings, and experiences. Visual identity Graphic design is precisely that: brand identity is an optical element that acts as a brand face to convey unfamiliar qualities through images, forms, colors.

Graphic designers are experts in graphic design work with visual acquaintances with stakeholders in designing assets such as logos, typography, color palettes, images. With standard business cards and corporate stationery, designers often a set of visually visual brand guidelines that describe the best practices and give examples of the visual branding used in various media. These guidelines help ensure the stability of the brand in future applications.

Visual brand identity design is the most common design. To produce the right design elements in all visual media, visual identity graphic designers need to have a comprehensive knowledge of all types of graphic design. They will need outstanding communication skills, analytical and innovative skills an enthusiasm for the business, company, competitive trend analysis.

Marketing & advertising graphic design

Marketing & advertising

As most people talk of graphic design, they talk about the marketing and advertisement design created for them.

Companies rely on effective marketing campaigns to leverage the decision-making process for their target audience. Effective marketing includes people around a product, service, brand based on their preferences, needs, knowledge, satisfaction. Because people are becoming more drawn to visual content, graphic design helps companies communicate more efficiently and communicate more effectively.

Marketing designers are collaborating with company owners, executives, managers, marketing experts to build marketing plans. They can work alone or as part of a creative team. Designers can be experts in a particular type of media or create a comprehensive mortgage for printing, digital. This style of design, although historically print-centric, has grown to include more digital assets, especially for content marketing and digital advertising.

An example of a marketing graphic design

Magazine and newspaper ads
Email marketing templates
PowerPoint presentations templates
Social media banners, advertisements, graphics
Images for blogs and website.

UI and UX graphic design

ui ux

A user interface is how a user communicates with an app or device. UI design is a stage where the interface is being built to perform it easy to use and to have a user-friendly experience.

The UI includes everything that a user communicates with the screen, keyboard, etc.. Still, in terms of graphic design, the UI design consists of the user’s visual experience and on-screen graphic elements. It is the job of a UI designer to balance non-technical applications with technical feasibility.

UI designers need to be team players backed by strong graphic design expertise as well as a good knowledge of UI / UX practices, web design.

Examples of UI graphic design

Web page design
Web Theme design
App design

Publication Graphic Design


Publications are long-form pieces that communicate to a viewer through public distribution. They were historically a form of printing. Publications are long-form pieces that interact via general delivery to an audience. They were traditionally a form of print.

Graphic designers collaborate with editors and publishers that include photography, graphics, and screenplay, with carefully selected typography and artwork. Publication designers can work as freelancers, as representatives of creative agencies, or as part of a publishing company.

Examples of publication graphic design

Marketing Catalogs

Product Packaging graphic design

Product Packaging

Products require some packaging to be processed and prepared for storage, sale, and distribution. The packaging concept can also directly interact with consumers, making it a powerful marketing tool.

Packaging designers create ideas, product makeup, and organize files for a product that is ready to print. It includes professional printing process knowledge and there is a deep understanding of industrial design and production.

Motion graphic design

motion graphic

Stable, motion graphics are moving graphics. This may add animation, audio, typography, graphics, video, and different effects used in electronic media, TV, and movies.

“Motion Graphic Designer” is a new feature for designers. Motion Graphics is now a modern style of design that can be used on all digital platforms, generating all kinds of opportunities.

Motion graphics designers start by designing storyboards and then animated film and traditional art with their ideas. Good knowledge of marketing and 3D modeling can be a valuable asset, depending on the industry.

Examples of motion graphic design

Title sequences
logo Animated
Promotional videos
Tutorial videos
Video games

Art and drawing/illustrations for graphic design


Graphic art and drawing/illustrations frequently look the same as graphic designs, but they are different in each case. Designers create designs for collaboration and problem solving, producing original artwork by graphic designers and painters. Their art takes many forms, from fine art to design to storytelling.

Examples of Art and drawing/illustration for graphic design

T-shirt design
Graphic patterns
Motion graphics
Stock images
Graphic novels
Video games
Album art
Book covers
Technical illustration


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