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Web design tools are continually evolving. In 2020, the potential for technology seems endless, and we will see designers playing too much, reinventing past designs and experimenting with new techniques. At the same time, some common trends just won’t go away, like the ever-present minimalism and vibrant flat illustrations that we’ve seen for some time now.

Top web design trends 2020:

1. Dark mode
3. Typography
4. Artistic Illustrations
5. 3D elements
6. Liquid Animation
7. Glowing, luminous color schemes

Dark Mode

Using a dark theme on a website will give visitors a variety of ideas. Beauty Beauty, Beauty Beauty, Modernity – These are just a few of the aspects that you can recognize with dark colors.

Dark website design has always been a controversial area. Many web designers believe in breaking boundaries and are happy to present a black website by adopting a black web design philosophy.

A dark theme is ideal for visual attention and website display. The dark, substantial background gives an excellent high contrast background for any shape and color image, graphics, video, and visuals.


Web design is fundamental to ensure that a site has a powerful user interface, and each aspect of it can have a considerable impact on the usefulness of the website. Typography is one of those things that is often overlooked. Still, it is an integral part of the design, and web design companies should not ignore it. Think about the different types of typography on the site, from large headlines and bold text blocks to small body copy text. You’ll quickly realize that it’s not just an essential part of web design, but it’s a pure blend of art and science.

Artistic Illustrations

If you want to give your site a compelling story, you will never give up visual devices. Today, visuals aren’t just there to lighten your pages. You can use them to help your posts and create a brand identity.

Putting an example in the right place will make a big difference. The site of a musician with many creative images, for example, sends a different message than a spa website with Jane-inspired visuals.

3D elements

There are many ways to attract and engage website users. Modern web design strategies play a key role in attracting consumer attention and increasing the average session length. One of them is web design using 3D elements. Read on to find examples of 3D architecture, its benefits, and magnetically attractive websites.

Liquid Animation

Liquid animations are on-screen gestures that look like water. Sometimes these animations have a slow, fluid motion that can be suppressed or reduced.

Liquid animation may come into action as a hover or as part of a video or moving animation. In the scroll, you might also trigger a liquid animation.

Glowing, luminous color schemes

Web design is becoming bolder and more adventurous as we turn our heads in 2020.

Color schemes will play a vital role in this year’s web design. This will give the place a bright and shiny color with trends like dark mode on the hill.


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