Top 5 Hand Strengthening Exercises for Stronger Hands

If you want to improve your grasping ability, then you need to put in some effort. To accomplish a regular job we require good holding capacity.

In this article, we will share 5 hand strengthening exercises that gradually help you to strengthen your grasping ability.

Top 5 easy hand strengthening exercises to make your hand firm and steady

#1 Putty Grip & Squeeze exercise

Putty grip and squeeze is one of the easy yet effective exercises to strengthen your grip strength. Here we suggest using clay putty rather than a ball because balls restrict your hand and finger movements and allow you to strengthen specific muscles of your forearms. Whereas, you can use putty in multiple ways. It allows a versatile range of motions and strengthens different kinds of forearm muscles and finger tendons. Using putty also increases hand dexterity and coordination between four fingers and the thumb.

How to do it: Hold the putty In your palm and squeeze it into your hand until your fingertips touch your palm, then relax the putty in your hand and prepare to squeeze again.

Repeat 20 times within 2-3 minutes.

 #2 Thumb pinch strengthening exercise

When you are doing hand strengthening exercises, don’t forget your thumb because the thumb is half of our hand function. If you don’t have strength in your thumb, then you can’t pinch effectively. Thumb pinching is the best approach to make your thumb firm.

How to do it: Use the putty, roll out and give a shape of hot dog about 1-2 inches thick. Then use your index finger and thumb, pinch the putty along the length. Do this 10-20 times for both thumbs of your hands. Give 2-3 minutes for each thumb

#3 Isometric Hook exercises

Isometric hook-up exercise is not only good for your fingers but also improves your upper whole body.

How to do it: Place your both fingers in a hook or clasp position first, then bring this gesture to your chest height. One palm should be facing up and another hand should be palm down. When your fingers completely clasp together, use your arms to pull it in an outward position by holding your hook fists. Hold it for 5 seconds then relax. Do this isometric hook exercise 10-20 times

#4 Rubber Band abduction exercise

This exercise is most suitable for intrinsic forearm strengthening because it works on the muscles that present deep between all fingers.

How to do it: Place the rubber band over all of your four fingers, but don’t include your thumb. Next, spread your fingers as much as you can, hold them for 5 seconds, then relax. Repeat it 10-20 times. The muscle near your index finger should plump up. You should continue this exercise with putty by making a loop around your fingers.

# Rubber band “C” Thumb exercise

It is just a random exercise for your hands. You do this while watching your favorite tv show or working at your office desk.

Place the rubber band over all your four fingers including your thumb then involve all your fingers together, open thumb out to make “ C” position; avoid thumb up position; Hold this finger gesture for 5 seconds then relax, repeat it 10-20 times

All of the above are effective hand strengthening exercises without equipment. For advanced hand, gripping exercises use the best hand grip strengthener. We would suggest you take expert guidance before buying a hand grip strengthener.


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