Top 11 Mobile Technology Trends to Watch for in 2022

Nowadays, smartphone usage has gone up, with many people utilizing this technology for various reasons, professionally and personally. Statistics show that the smartphone subscription count is at around 6+ billion in 2022.

Many organizations focus on mobile-intuitive solutions, like automation technology, to improve their operations and user engagement.

Statistically, 70% of engineering and IT-sector leaders commented on better workforce efficiency after using automation, while 59% of the respondents in the same survey mentioned a 30% reduction in costs.

Like this, there are many other trends that companies are taking up to improve their work quality related to mobile app development.

Here, you will learn about 11 of the Best Mobile App Development Trends in 2022.

1. VR/AR

Many companies turn to a reliable mobile app development company to help them prepare suitable solutions to increase their productivity and customer engagement.

One of the main approaches is the benefits of AR and VR in different industries, like gaming. Live Shopping, for example, is one element that benefits from this.

With this technology, consumers can expect a better online shopping experience through apps, like:

  • Handle automated and easy-to-use automated payments with a high-range security guarantee
  • Expect instant and responsive interactions with the apps for support
  • View the products/services, learn details on specifications, and try them out before the purchase

It is expected that with VR/AR-centric solutions, the eCommerce industry can expand in the upcoming years, like increasing company profits and user engagement.

2. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

In mobile app development, developers and companies focus on implementing Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Various advancements in the mobile industry related to AI integration happened in recent history, e.g., AI-based chatbots.

Famous examples include Cortana, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri; they improve user experience with mobile apps.

AI is one of the latest mobile app technology trends that companies have been adopting more frequently in recent periods is due to its ability to understand users and then offer solutions. Businesses can be available to consumers 24×7 and improve interactions and responses with chatbots.

Besides AI-based chatbots in travel tech, mobile apps nowadays come with voice recognition software that improves user experience.

3. Location-based technology

Modern mobile tech devices have high-quality geolocation tracking abilities. Tablets and smartphones come with software that follows the location of users constantly.

Different apps ask for permission from consumers each time they install a new application.

In some of the apps, the functionality is reduced exponentially if users do not turn their GPS connection on for the duration of the usage.

For example, ride-sharing or delivery apps would not update the real-time ETA if you do not switch on the geolocation settings.

Companies leverage this technology into their app development process for targeted marketing to consumers. They ask for location-sharing approval and use this information to send targeted geofencing ads to users.

4. Personalization

For consumers today, how their brands treat them and what benefits they can expect from one. This determines if they would continue associating with the company.

Statistics show that focusing on personalization as one of the leading mobile app development trends improves the efficiency rate of the marketing expenditure to 30%.

Experts in this field suggest that the popularity of companies using personalization as a tactic to grow their reach would continue to develop.

Most users find apps, catering services, or offerings centered around their needs more useful to download and use. Businesses that provide more value with their apps see higher conversion and retention rates.

5. Wearable technology

Since the pandemic, consumers have been focusing on improving their health and are adapting techniques for health management and fitness.

This saw an increase in the production and distribution of health monitors, smartwatches, and fitness bracelets.

Reports show more than 10.6 million units of FitBit bracelets sold in 2020. The count would potentially increase with time.

The wearable technology is easy to sync with mobile devices and effectively calculates and tracks factors like the user’s oxygen levels, heart rate, and sleep pattern. Besides that, the devices can monitor the physical fitness level of people and their duration of fitness management schedule.

6. Internet of Things

Internet of Things focuses on technological solutions that remotely connect to household appliances and contribute to their performance.

For example, with IoT integrated apps, users can close doors, switch on cleaning applications, increase or decrease the light’s brightness, or change the thermostat settings.

In the context of advanced software development trends, IoT is a crucial point to consider.

In the market, smart objects and smart houses are not very common in every region, but they are growing in popularity. Statistically, the global market of IoT would potentially grow to USD 1 trillion in estimated value by 2025.

7. Blockchain technology

Companies and operations in different sectors turn to digitalization to improve their functionality and reach.

Another aspect where digitization brought new changes is currency or cryptocurrency. Therefore, the demand and focus on blockchain technology have increased over time.

Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed digital public ledger, assuring users smooth, secure, and transparent transactions. It safeguards against data loss and theft and guarantees better logistics, supply chain, and critical data protection.

8. Hybrid Framework for mobile app development

Another trend that would dominate the market in 2022 is hybrid-based app development needs. Android and iOS are the primary platforms to focus on related to mobile app development.

However, with advanced new cross-platform frameworks available like React-Native, Flutter, Kotlin-Native, and Xamarin, the use of native-based app development projects has decreased.

For companies, it is hard to handle and maintain different programming languages and coding steps for app development.

So, the hybrid framework is growing in popularity since developers can save costs, effort, and time.

9. 5G

One notable factor related to innovative technology trends for mobile apps is the 5G internet connection. Thus, firms hire developers from a reliable mobile app development company to create apps with 5G compatibility.

Statistics showed that the number of connections available with 5G integration would quadruple by the end of 2021 in one survey.

The connection type is much speedier in comparison to 4G technology. Plus, 5G connection is essential in AR/VR solutions, 4K video streaming, and other such requirements.

10. Big Data Analytics

One of the primary technology trends companies are focusing on is big data analytics. It relies on the coming together of business and technology.

Professionals get valuable data-driven insights on their operations and customers through mobile apps.

It better understands consumer behavior and prepares their following decisions based on their surmised information.

Big Data Analytics can handle more significant data streams better than traditional analytics. This is why this trend is expected to grow further in popularity in 2022.

11. Security protocols

Data security is a significant concern for companies, whether it has to do with server-based security or during data transfers.

New beneficial features for advanced security are integrated into apps, like MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) or 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication).

It is expected that more companies would focus on such approaches to ensure top-rated solutions.

1. Conclusion

Businesses and organizations in different fields focus on enhanced mobile-based app development initiatives currently.

They adopt new techniques like AR/VR/AI to improve app functionality and user experience. Leverage the right solutions for your company or business needs to optimize your app solutions for higher profits in 2022 and beyond.


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