YouTube is one of the most popular and visited sites on the internet. It is a service where you can host, store and share all kinds of files in video format for free, on different topics, dedicated to different tastes and interests.

You can make short videos (a few seconds), you can record gameplay videos, help guides, and you can make professional or amateur music videos, documentaries, films, and productions of all kinds.

Google, the owner of YouTube, makes it easy for the creators of these videos to earn income.

How to earn income and make money on YouTube

On YouTube, we can make money by making or recording videos, showing in them advertising and advertisements from the Google AdSense service, although there are also other options.

The money we can earn depends proportionally on the number of reproductions these YouTube videos receive, that is, the number of times they are viewed.

It is widely known that many of those who upload videos to YouTube make a huge amount of money.

Famous YouTubers earn hundreds of thousands, and some have even become entrepreneurs.

Many of our readers have asked us about the possibility of making some money on YouTube, even if it is not in a previous way, and the answer is YES.

We deal with this topic in this article.

Before trying to make money with YouTube

To start earning videos and earning income from YouTube, we cannot start from scratch.

Before requesting approval to participate in the YouTube Partner Program, we must do the following:

– Have an active YouTube channel in which we have previously uploaded some videos (at least 6), we have actively shared them and obtained views.

– Have several subscribers. For that, you can insert the subscribe button on your blog or website or promote it on social networks.

Contrary to what many people think, you don’t need to be a famous Youtuber, a successful artist, or a company with a video production studio to be able to make money on YouTube.

Many of the videos that make the most money for their creators have been recorded with simple cell phones by people who had no idea that what they were uploading would become popular.

Many of us have watched videos with poor audio and questionable quality, which have millions of views.

If we analyze them, there is always a common factor: they are original and unique videos, the vast majority on the subject of humor.

How much money can I make with YouTube?

There is no way to know exactly how much you can earn with YouTube, only approximations.

It is estimated that for every thousand visits or reproductions of a video, you can earn between 1 and 3 dollars.

This is so inaccurate because it depends on two factors: the clicks on the ads or the view of the ad on the page for more than 30 seconds.

It also influences which system the advertising advertisers in our videos have contracted with AdWord CPC (Cost per click) or CPV (Cost per view).

According to all of the above, we can deduce that a video that has five million views has generated more than $ 5,000.

A modest channel with 10 or 12 successful videos provides a monthly income not negligible.

The following image randomly shows some videos suggested by YouTube, with the reproductions obtained and the time they have been on the network.

Draw your own conclusions.

Some YouTube videos with the reproductions obtained and the time they have been on the network.

How to participate in the YouTube Partner Program

To earn income from our videos on YouTube, we must participate in the so-called YouTube Partner Program.

It is available in more than 60 countries.

Through the program, video creators can earn income in a number of ways, such as by inserting AdSense advertising, paid subscriptions, and merchandising.

The most basic of them is the first Google AdSense, which is about ads that are displayed on the video page and within it.

YouTube requires the following requirements, among others, to participate in the program:

– That our account is in good condition.

– That the videos we upload are original, of quality, and meet the advertisers’ requirements.

– That the videos comply with the Terms of Service and the YouTube Community Rules. These rules establish that we cannot include in the videos naked, sexual, abusive content that incites hatred, graphic violence, or promotion of dangerous or harmful activities.

– That we have read the information on copyright to ensure that the videos comply with regulations, including not uploading videos with music, songs, or images with which the income cannot be shared.

Steps to activate monetization on a YouTube channel

There is nothing sure before checking if our YouTube account is suitable for income.

To check it, follow these steps:

1- Log in to your YouTube account.

2- Select your account icon in the upper right -> Creator Studio.

Open the Creator Studio Panel in our YouTube account.

3- In the menu, select Channel -> Status and functions.

The “Earning income” function must be enabled or be green. If not, it indicates that it is not available in your country.

In the following image, you can see that in the case of the author, the option is not enabled due to geographical restrictions.

Check that the earning of income is enabled in our YouTube account

4- Next to “Monetization”, click Enable.

5- Follow the steps below to accept the program agreement. If your account is not eligible for income, you will see another message.

If you have been successful after the previous steps, you can now proceed to monetize your videos with the assurance that you will soon start making money.

However, before continuing, read in detail all the information that Google offers to avoid conflicts.

All the necessary information is in the YouTube help, use the following link: Information about the YouTube Partner Program.

Create an account in Google AdSense

The next step is to configure Google AdSense, a service also from Google but independent from YouTube.

We must create an account in this service, which will be the one that will finally pay us, and for that, we must provide some of our data.

After that, we must wait a few days for them to review our account and approve the request.

Ideas to create videos that are liked on YouTube and are viral

If we dedicate ourselves to exploring and analyzing our profile page or biography on Facebook, we will see that currently, videos are the most shared content.

We get all kinds of videos that a certain person shared. That way, it reaches another and so on until it reaches us forming a long chain.

We will see incredible videos, entertainment news, curious things about animals, but the vast majority have humor as their theme.

It can be something simple that we see every day as our pet playing, the neighbor’s dog, two boys in the street, events that we see when walking down the street, at the disco, at the gym, or anywhere, it just depends on our imagination and logically has a cell phone at hand that records with good resolution.

Some advice:

– It is recommended that the videos be short, attractive, that the audio is understood correctly, and avoid jumping or vibrations. If possible, use a tripod and use editing programs whenever possible.

– Upload videos regularly to maintain and foster the audience.

– Choose wisely the title of the video and tag them with keywords or key terms that identify it to make it easier for them to appear in the results of YouTube searches.

– Share the videos on all the social sites you can.

– Don’t limit yourself to just YouTube. If you don’t own a blog or website, create a blog on Blogger or WordPress and embed the videos on the pages.

– Try as much as possible to get enough subscribers. It is important because every time a user already subscribed to our channel enters YouTube, the latest published videos will be shown, and therefore the possibility of reproducing them will increase.

A single video is not going to bring us thousands of impressions. We will have to be patient and take perhaps tens or hundreds.

This task takes a lot of perseverance, a lot of perseverance, and I repeat a lot of imagination.

It is required if you have any talent, but we all have one, find out which one is yours and exploit it.

On the internet there are opportunities for everyone, some have even succeeded by explaining cooking recipes!

As we upload videos and share them on social networks, mainly Facebook, we will have more and more channel followers.

In this way, we will create the basis to eventually hit the nail on the head and create a successful video and earns us.


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