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Road accidents are scary, even more, when the other vehicle is a big one like a truck. The injuries are often more severe due to the sheer size of the vehicle that crashes into your car. Victims often end up with debilitating damages or disabilities that keep them off work for the long haul. In most serious cases, they may become permanently incapacitated and bedridden. Think beyond the physical injuries and damage because such mishaps can also take a dire toll on your emotional well-being.

Visualize yourself being hit by a huge truck to understand the psychological trauma of the accident. However, the only thing that gives solace is that your compensation claim will include emotional injuries if you sustain them due to the other driver’s negligence. Like physical injuries, they are devastating, so your claim may be much more than in a car accident. Before talking about handling the mental health implications of a truck accident, let us explain the threats you may encounter..

Mental injuries are as real as physical suffering

While it is hard to imagine mental trauma as an injury, it is as real as physical suffering. Victims often encounter negative feelings such as worry, sadness, fear, or anxiety after a traumatic event. These distressing emotions usually fade with time, but they may scar a victim for their lifetime. Lasting feelings of depression, anxiety, and flashbacks indicate serious issues that require expert medical care sooner than later. Here are some common mental health issues you may encounter after a truck accident-

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may happen after any traumatic event, so a life-threatening truck mishap puts you at risk. You may experience symptoms such as flashbacks or nightmares, trouble sleeping, irritability, and emotional numbness.
  • Depression is another common issue victims encounter, but it can be more serious than you imagine as you lose interest in life and become detached from your loved ones. Watch out for grave signs such as sadness, hopelessness, and irritability.
  • Anxiety leads to nervousness, fear, or panic in truck accident victims. You may lose your confidence, and getting back behind the wheel seems impossible.
  • Insomnia has severe implications beyond sleep deprivation. It affects your physical and mental well-being and requires immediate treatment. The risk of sleeping pill dependence also runs high in insomnia patients.
  • Phobias of driving or being hurt again often persist in truck accident victims. In fact, you may end up fearing even common things like using an elevator, crossing the street, or walking on the road.

Addressing mental trauma is crucial

Mental health issues do not surface immediately after an accident. Moreover, they are not visible like your physical injuries. But your truck accident lawyer will recommend seeking help for the slightest signs of trauma sooner than later. You must also maintain the records of diagnosis and treatment just as with physical injuries. It increases the chances of receiving compensation for non-economic damages to address the psychological toll of the event. While non-economic damage includes coverage for mental health disorders, you may also get economic damages if you require mental health care treatment, medication, and counseling.

Rebuilding life after a truck mishap

Rebuilding life after a truck accident is challenging because resolving physical injuries, mental health issues, and emotional needs takes time and effort. You may have to take medication and seek therapy to get life back on track after a crash. Unfortunately, even emotional stress can keep you away from work as you lose confidence due to prolonged anxiety and depression. The cost of medications, appointments, counseling therapy, and lost wages can hurt your finances. Your attorney can establish these mental health damages and losses by providing the following pieces of evidence in court –

  • Medical records from primary care physicians, counseling therapists, and mental health specialists
  • Treatment bills
  • Prescription medications
  • Expert medical testimonies

A truck mishap can change you as a person because it causes more than physical injuries. You may end up with severe emotional and mental health implications. The problem with these issues is that they have a lasting impact and do not heal like physical wounds. Even worse, some victims do not seek help because they fail to realize the problem. Awareness can be the savior, so you must watch out for potential signs of emotional distress after a truck mishap. Do not hesitate to get help because you can claim compensation for mental health treatment just like physical injuries. See a specialist sooner than later to get back on the road to complete recovery.


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