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Taipei, Dec. 1 (CNA) Taiwan and the Czech Republic on Friday signed a collaborative agreement to embark on a project aimed at helping rebuild healthcare capabilities in war-torn Ukraine.

Under the project, both sides will work to develop and promote access to “general practitioners, surgical and rehabilitation services and small clinics in Eastern Europe and Ukraine,” Taiwan’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tien Chung-kwang (田中光) said at a signing event in Taipei.

Taiwan will also provide quality medical products to Ukraine, Tien said, without specifying how the project would be funded.

The project marked a new round of collaboration between Taiwan and the Czech Republic in assisting with the reconstruction of Ukraine, following previous projects to help Ukraine rebuild its water management systems and energy sectors, he said.

“The collective efforts being made by Taiwan and the Czech Republic for Ukraine is an example of how like-minded nations are standing together against authoritarian threats,” the minister added.

Speaking virtually at the event, Tomas Kopečny, the Czech government’s envoy handling the reconstruction of Ukraine, shared similar views, saying both Taiwan and Czechia are bound by their commitment to preserve the rule of law, democracy and freedom.

Describing the agreement reached on Friday as “glorious,” the Czech official noted that the project will allow Taipei and Prague to “create a strong [and] united partnership” and collaborate “in the fight of democracies against dictatorships.”

At the same time, he added, such collaboration would bring about economic benefits to both sides, as Czech and Taiwanese companies will be invited to contribute to the project.

The agreement, dubbed the “Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on partnership regarding increasing the capacities to assist Ukraine in the reconstruction of primary health care,” was signed by the Czech representative to Taiwan David Steinke and Taiwan’s envoy to the Czech Republic Ke Liang-ruey (柯良叡).

According to Ke, the project is intended to provide Ukrainians who are “in need of primary healthcare with better facilities” as they continue their fight against Russian forces.

It will add value to relations between Taiwan and the Czech Republic, which have in recent years collaborated on trade and investment, technology, education and security, Ke added.

Meanwhile, Steinke said the project would not only provide humanitarian assistance needed by Ukrainians but also pave the way for more collaborations between Taiwan and Czechia.

(By Teng Pei-ju)


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