Smart City Jobs

What is Smart City?

A smart city is the forepart of the future wave of IoT (Internet of things). The persistence of a smart city is to advance and make simpler the lives of its citizens by merging technology with physical infrastructure and facilities.

Nevertheless, for a smart city to be efficacious, entirely business segments need to turn out to be digitally and technology fluent, understand the value of IoT and capitalize on new technology. Individually public and private segments need to hold new types of skills and innovative types of capacity to not only build the infrastructure necessitated for a smart city as well but to influence the data which is collected from the database, urge new business to the city and remain viable.

Employment Opportunities in Smart Cities

The expectations of a smart city are dependent on human talent and skillset, making job formation one of the biggest advances. These jobs will apparently be ‘smart’ and focus on skillsets including data analytics, program design, high-level consulting, network and system integration. With IT infrastructure being the support of all smart cities, IT professionals will surely be in bigger demand.

We are even now seeing a shift on the way to the creation of technically strong business segments with more midsized technology teams being formed. This shift generates new employment prospects and a more modest market for the top ‘technology’ talents. But to play a substantial role and are a space for yourself in a smart city, you need to be willing to develop and preserve ‘smart’ skills, involve in learning and be prepared to adapt.

Day by day cities are becoming more populated and commencement to undergo a digital revolution in order to revolutionize and move on the way to becoming a smart city. Construction of the infrastructure desired for a smart city is ensuing the demand for new job roles with the latest skillsets.

The world is experiencing overwhelming urbanization, at the rate of 10,000 individuals every hour. Through 2050, more than 60% of the world’s inhabitants will live in the city, as per the report of Cisco Systems.

This fast urbanization is leading the way to challenges distinct from those cities have handled before. The urban gathering is ensuing more traffic overcrowding, strained infrastructure, supportability challenges, augmented crime, rarer resources to go about and pressure on educational institutes.

Smart Cities need to be solved these challenges to prosper in the future, said Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn, vice president of Cisco Systems, and chairman and CEO of the Internet of Things (IoT) Talent Association, speaking all through a live webinar on the subject. 

The talent syndicate is a new non-profit organization that is an alliance of organizations as well as MIT, Cisco, GE, Rockwell, Pearson and the New York Academy of Science through a goal of empowering the workforce of the upcoming to realize the value of the Internet of things (IoT).

Top Internet of Things (IoT) jobs of the future

In the Future, these job roles will be in demand in the smart city.

Cyber security analyst

Virtual reality design

Network programmer 

Machine learning scientist

Robotics specialist

Industrial network engineer

Customer makers

Neuro implant technician

Platform developer

Business transformation practitioner

Cloud Architect

Data scientist

Machine learning will be an essential part of how people study in the future, with virtual reality provided that innovative ways for people to learn. adornment the employees of the future to appreciate the value of IoT.


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