From being the first R&D employee in Samsung Research Institute-Bangalore to becoming its Managing Director, Dipesh Shah has lived every moment of the Samsung story in India. Here is a message from Dipesh Shah to all of Samsung’s consumers, partners and employees across the country, who have walked with Samsung in this journey of 25 successful years.

“I am the first employee of Samsung R&D in India. I feel quite accomplished today as we complete 25 years of R&D and improving consumer lifestyles in India. This is all because great effort and innovation of our people very good support from our partners and love & trust of our consumers. Thank you for bringing Samsung to this point. From now as India is poised for the big leap we will do our part to contribute to this growth. We will use our technology innovation and consumer focus to do our part. We call it Powering Digital India. We will do our best. Please support us. Thank you,” said Dipesh Shah, MD, Samsung Research Institute – Bangalore.

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