As we complete 25 years in India and  come up with a vision of Powering Digital India, here is a message from Raju Pullan, SVP, CE Business, Samsung India for Samsung’s consumers, partners and employees across the country, who have walked with us in this journey of 25 successful years.

“Just recently, my son asked me why I love working with Samsung. In all the excitement of business, I never thought about it. But that day it occurred to me, what I love about Samsung is its values, and the hunger to grow even after becoming so big. It is not about just becoming No 1, but the enormous amount of love we get from our consumers. That drives us to get better, every day. It’s amazing we have completed 25 years in India. Almost every home in India has a little bit of Samsung in it. Thank you everybody. We will now be an even stronger partner to India with our new vision Powering Digital India,” said Raju Pullan, SVP, CE Business, Samsung India.

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