Ola Oyetayo,CEO at Verto

In the vast, dynamic landscape of financial technology, certain regions have been traditionally underserved. One of the most vibrant among these is the emerging market of Africa – a continent bustling with entrepreneurial spirit and economic potential. But with this energy come significant challenges, especially when it comes to cross-border payments, a crucial aspect of doing business in today’s global economy. Recognizing these hurdles, Verto, a global fintech specialising in cross-border payments, has been on a mission to revolutionise the way businesses operate in this region, offering clear, no-nonsense solutions coupled with a ceaseless drive for improvement.

Cross-border payments in Africa have long been fraught with complications – high costs, opaque pricing structures, and sluggish transaction times, to name just a few. For African businesses keen on expanding beyond their native shores, these barriers have been daunting and often stifle business growth. Conversely, Western companies seeking to tap into Africa’s burgeoning markets often face the same obstacles, making it a double-edged sword.

Verto has stepped into this financial frontier with a refreshingly innovative approach that promises to redefine the status quo. Through smart technology and a deep understanding of the African market’s nuances, Verto has systematically tackled these issues to streamline cross-border payments for both African and Western businesses.

One of Verto’s key innovations lies in its application of cutting-edge technology to simplify international transactions. This involves harnessing data analytics and an intelligent API to optimise pricing and offer real-time exchange rates, thereby fostering transparency – a much-desired, and not always given, quality in the cross-border payments landscape. Furthermore, their agile end-to-end platform reduces transaction times, providing a swift and secure channel for businesses to reach their partners, suppliers, and customers around the world.

Alongside their technological advancements, Verto demonstrates a profound commitment to customer-centricity. Recognising the unique needs and challenges of each business, Verto provides bespoke solutions tailored to each client. This approach allows businesses to not only overcome cross-border payment hurdles but also leverage them into competitive advantages.

The company’s dedication to relentless improvement is another cornerstone of their ethos. Verto’s ambitious ‘never settle’ attitude drives them to continuously refine their platform, services, and customer experience. This constant evolution helps them to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing fintech landscape, ensuring their clients are always equipped with the most advanced and efficient solutions.

To bolster these efforts, Verto maintains a robust regulatory framework, securing licences in multiple jurisdictions. This strong compliance not only promotes trust but also guarantees that businesses can operate confidently, knowing their financial transactions align with international standards.

Verto’s impact can already be seen in the burgeoning businesses taking advantage of their platform. From small startups in Nairobi seeking to source raw materials from across the globe, to established Western corporations keen on unlocking Africa’s promising markets, Verto’s transformative approach to cross-border payments is already helping businesses to flourish in this new financial frontier.

While Verto’s journey in redefining cross-border payments has been impressive, it’s clear that this is only the beginning. With their technological prowess, customer-first approach, and relentless drive for improvement, Verto is poised to revolutionise the way businesses operate in Africa, and beyond.

In essence, Verto is a testament to the power of innovation in overcoming traditionally rigid financial barriers. By reshaping the landscape of cross-border payments, they are not just facilitating commerce – they are also helping to unlock the immense potential of emerging Africa, accelerating its journey towards economic prosperity. Verto’s story serves as an inspiring reminder of how fintech innovation can fuel growth and catalyse change – one transaction at a time.


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