The NGO Manos Unidas is at the forefront of social organizations by implementing a project to digitize its processes in the hands of Ivnosys, a leading Spanish company in terms of digital identity. Both organizations have signed a collaboration agreement whereby Ivnosys donates to Manos Unidas its technological solutions for the digital development of the organization.

In the words of Clara Pardo, president of Manos Unidas: “Our organization carries out development projects in almost 60 countries in Africa, America and Asia, in addition to having a local presence in Spain through 72 delegations. Additionally, to carry out our work, we collaborate with more than 300 public organizations and hundreds of private entities. This complexity and extension of our activity requires the most cutting-edge and effective technological solutions in the sector, so the agreement with Ivnosys will be a key piece in our process of digital transformation “.

The objective of this agreement is the joint contribution of Ivnosys services at zero cost, among which a centralization system of digital certificates, electronic signature and management of public notifications stand out. These tools will allow Manos Unidas to centralize, protect and manage the digital identity of the electronic transactions it carries out, as well as guaranteeing considerable savings in time and costs.

The digital certificate centralization platform, IvSign, will allow Manos Unidas to centralize all its certificates, donated by Camerfirna, in a single platform, which will make it possible to share their use with the people who work in the most controlled and secure way. This system keeps track of who, when and what accesses with digital certificates.

On the other hand, the IvNeos system will allow Manos Unidas to automatically synchronize the electronic notifications it receives from public administrations, which translates into a monitoring of notifications from 9,000 offices of public organizations. These notifications will be received in a single mailbox and the same platform will allow the pertinent responses to be processed.

Finally, Ivnosys will facilitate Manos Unidas the use of an electronic signature platform called IvCert. This tool will facilitate the optimization of processes such as the collection of data transfer permits, image rights or confirmation of aid delivery, in addition to providing them with the maximum legal guarantee thanks to the collection of electronic evidence that protects signed documents.

Thanks to IvCert, Manos Unidas will be able to sign and send your digital documents through the guarantees of the European eIDAS regulations. In addition, the organization will be able to take advantage of this platform to respond to its internal procedures, allowing it to more easily manage all transactions with suppliers, donors and employees.

Sergio Ruiz, CEO of Ivnosys, highlighted “we are very happy to collaborate with an organization as essential as Manos Unidas and help them, as far as possible, to streamline and protect their work processes through digital innovation so that they can continue developing its development cooperation initiatives. These tools will become the new way of communicating with donors, suppliers and partners for the organization. ”


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