Learn the basics of cybersecurity with this  web-based training package

The Premium Ethical Hacking Certification Bundle features eight courses that introduce students to the fundamentals and prepare them to earn important credentials from CompTIA.

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The threat of a cyber attack is always looming, so experts advise companies to bolster their IT security budgets on the regular. Considering a tech career? Then cybersecurity is definitely a path worth considering. And to get started on your training, we suggest checking out the Premium Ethical Hacking Certification Bundle, currently on sale for a limited time.

The Premium Ethical Hacking Certification Bundle provides a convenient and affordable introduction to this very specialized field. It features eight courses that illustrate the basics of cyber security, shows students how to test various types of infrastructure and acquaints them with a lot of the tools that IT professionals use every day.


Once completed, students will have mastered the skills they’ll need to take and pass two very important certification exams from CompTIA — a widely respected organization that sets minimum standards for the entire IT industry. Basically, with one of their credentials in hand, students face a far better chance of success once they enter the workforce.

Of course, an education is only going to be as good as the training that’s provided. Which is why these courses are all facilitated by seasoned professionals — such as Joe Parys and Gabriel Avramescu — with stellar performance ratings. So, while the bundle itself is very affordably priced, that quality of the education offered rivals anything else you’re likely to find. The bundle is also rated an average of five stars by verified purchasers. One reviewer named Stefan H. wrote that this is “a must have for everyone who wants to go towards pen testing.”

Perhaps best of all, because the courses are delivered via the web, you maintain control over the pace of your own education. You can log in at any time you want, learn for a duration of your choosing, and then put it away until next time. And since there are no actual classroom sessions, the courses can be priced affordably.

In fact, right now, you can purchase the Premium Ethical Hacking Certification Bundle for just $59.99. That works out to less than $10 per course, which is an incredible value — especially when you consider how much you can earn per year as a salaried IT security pro.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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