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This bundle’s 26 courses cover ethical hacking, certification exams and much more, including US and EU requirements.

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Security breaches could have catastrophic consequences for any business, from costly downtime to exposure of customer data that could result in fines and lawsuits. Now you can get lifetime access to one of the most comprehensive high-quality bundles of security training courses ever seen on the market, The Complete 2023 Cyber Security Developer & IT Skills Bundle. Best of all, it’s available at a best-of-web price of $47.99 with code SECURITY40 from April 5th through April 11th.

The bundle offers 26 courses with more than 400 hours of lectures. You may want to start with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery to find out the differences between such plans, and how to implement them and mitigate downtime.

If you are heavily into Microsoft platforms, there are two courses on MS 365 security, plus a third on Azure security that has a 5-star rating from students. Two Cisco courses in addition to one each for Python and Linux also cover specific technologies.

It could prove helpful for you or your employees to take even one of the two ethical hacking or four pen testing courses, most of which involve hands-on training. Even if you don’t plan to take certification exams, the many courses from CompTIA, CertNexus and others can provide you with knowledge that will strengthen your company’s security.

If you hope to get government contracts, NIST Cybersecurity & Risk Management Framework is a must. Designed by the US government, this framework makes coordination with the vast number of regulations, laws, executive orders and more much simpler and more effective.

On the other hand, if you have even the slightest presence in the EU, you — or whoever is in charge of your company’s data protection — absolutely need General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It offers an overview and covers GDPR’s main elements, using examples to clarify everything.

If your business has any kind of app for customers, or you’d like to create one, The Mobile Security course not only provides the basics of mobile security but also takes you through the entire process of creating a basic mobile app.

Get The Complete 2023 Cyber Security Developer & IT Skills Bundle while it’s at best-of-web price of $47.99 with code SECURITY40 from April 5th through April 11th.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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