IoT Revolutionizing Agriculture and Farming

IoT Revolutionizing

IoT is transforming industries leading to a significant increase in productivity and reducing wastage. Optimum utilization of scarce resources is one of the greatest economic challenges. Innovative use of IoT is a response to the problem in terms of increasing accuracy of outcome and reducing deviations from the central parameter. At its fundamental, IoT is a network of devices, embedded with technology, which enables the devices to connect and interact over the internet, exchange and gather data. IoT applications make it possible to gather data pertaining to the environment of the object which can be used, analyzed and direct towards a productive end through monitoring and controlling. IoT has got extensive applications!

Agriculture forms the backbone of the economy. Agriculture and farming sectors constitute the sole supplier of food and resources to industries globally. Agricultural growth depends on several factors such as water, weather conditions, type of soil, temperature, climatic conditions. Traditionally, farmers have been depending on rain in many places where irrigation is not organized and water is scarce affecting agricultural productivity and farming sector. Farmers are confronting with a multitude of other problems that have an adverse impact on the farming sector.

IoT application is disrupting the traditional way of farm management and agriculture! Precision farming has started gaining momentum leveraging on IoT technologies. Subtle but significant characteristics/attributes pertaining to various aspects of cultivation such as terrain attributes, organic content, moisture are observed, tracked and measured. Combine harvesters equipped with GPS and Sensors collect real-time data which is being used simultaneously with satellite imagery This helps planning the appropriate remedial measure to maximize ROI. Agricultural drones are used for crop health assessment, irrigation, soil analysis. Drones equipped with technologies and cameras capture data and imageries serving as input for analysis helping with useful insights and indices relating to crop yield. IoT applications have made possible Livestock Monitoring. Farm owners can collect real-time data about well being, location and health of their cattle using which they can avoid potential risks. Smart Greenhouses designed with IoT applications intelligently monitor and control climate doing away with the need for manual intervention. This prevents production loss and saves labor costs. According to a report, the global Smart agriculture market will grow to USD 23.14bn by 2022!


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