How to Master as freelancer Blockchain in 6 Simple Steps

In a few years, people’s definition of work has majorly shifted. As covid 19 had blocked everyone in the adamantine carapace of home, people understood the importance of timeliness and maintaining quality relationships. As freelancing or work from home concepts started coming into the limelight, it became every beginner or professional’s dream life.

Being a blockchain freelancer and enjoying life with freedom is synonymous with most working professionals, with the opportunity to create a new blockchain development company anytime. Freelancers mostly enjoy the freedom of time while providing world-class services.

Today, this blog post will guide you with seven simple steps to mastering freelancing as a blockchain developer. You can live anywhere in the world, travel around, or stay at home, still providing the best blockchain services around the globe.

Before Starting

Starting your career with a full-time job is essential before establishing and applying as a blockchain freelancer. Blockchain development services are complex, and freelancers require a full spectrum of knowledge of blockchain development before working on their own. So, in this blog post, we’ll only target job holders who want to become freelancers. For beginners, it’s important to focus on gathering essential knowledge.

Define The ‘Why’

Mastering as a blockchain freelancer may be your utmost dream, but you should figure out you’re why before chasing your dream life. Also, you must master self-discipline, time management, and self-accountability.

A freelancer’s life means living on your own, with no boss, no job politics. You earn money through solving blockchain problems for numerous clients. You’ll meet new clients frequently, helping them by providing services for blockchain solutions, Smart contracts, Mining, Hyperledger, etc. You’ll be your boss.

But, on the other hand, you’ve to maintain deadlines, keep accountability for your work, follow a strict to-do list, and skillfully manage your time. The majority of people are comfortable with external triggers like having someone on top of them manage workload and assign tasks to them; they’re used to it. But, being a freelancer means managing your accounting, marketing, deadline meeting, and setting budget activities without anyone’s help. Hardly 5 percent of people really end up living satisfied as a freelancer.

So, after watching both sides of an incident, someone should decide between being a freelancer or not. There’s nothing shameful if the answer is no. But without finding out the reason for freelancing, freelancing is going to be tough for you.

Setting Up Technical Requirements

Serving blockchain development services requires technical, hardware, and software necessities. As a freelancer, you should be a technical geek and must fulfill technical requirements to work as a blockchain outsourcer. Let’s understand things more precisely.

  1. A high-end CPU is vital for blockchain developers, especially for miners.
  2. High-end Graphics are also great for miners and help in other blockchain development-related aspects.
  3. Robust online connection makes stable connections with clients and software and blockchain networks.

Setting Up Your Portfolio

A portfolio creates the first impression on a client’s mindset, so creating a robust portfolio is essential to altering a client’s thinking.

A great portfolio must mention everything about the portfolio holder with great persuasive things, of course, without any howling statement. A perfect portfolio example must possess the expertise, past experiences, a brief education, and blockchain industry acclaimed relevant skill proof.

A well-presented picture of the portfolio holder would increase the chance of getting hired; a smiley face is a must.

Skills like a robust knowledge of blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and Hyperledger and programming knowledge of blockchain-related expertise are essential.

Starting With Freelancing Websites

Mastering as a blockchain freelancer isn’t that tough; numerous expert freelancing websites provide freelancers, and wannabe freelancers make their profiles and market their services.

Upwork and Fiverr are the two best freelancing marketplaces where you can start building our portfolio and network. Upwork is a vast marketplace for freelancers and clients to exchange services at reasonable rates. Fiverr is mostly selling ready-made services for clients needing ready-made problems.

Creating a persuasive profile that reflects your blockchain expertise might be challenging, but here’s the catch, you can learn to market your services by watching others’ profiles. However, copying others’ strategies will be rewarded through notorious remarks. It’s best to learn from everyone but follow none.

A veteran freelancer might get more of his clients through networking, but a freelancing marketplace is the best choice for a beginner.

Learning Essential Service Optimization

Depending on the platform you choose for serving your blockchain-based freelancing services, you’ve to learn important metrics to boost your freelancing outreach and marketing.

Reviews are most important in Upwork; optimizing them is very important to get more and more clients. A whole number of positive ratings is excellent for building an impressive first impression.

Upwork optimization is most difficult, requires ample time, and you’ve to work without being paid to get some good reviews on Upwork. We’ve only talked about one metric; more on this later.

Build Service Network

Relationships work everywhere; well-maintained relationships in the freelancing genre can come up with new possibilities and offers. Building a network with fellow blockchain freelancers is essential; the rapport will keep you active in the long-term freelancing sector. Rather than considering existing freelancers as competition, creating a collaborative relationship with them will result in a win-win situation.

Also, you can create long-term clients by creating a rapport connection with them. Great freelancers across the globe focus on building a long-term client base, which is more lucrative than hopping around clients.


Being a blockchain freelancer is the same as being a freelance web developer, photographer, or any other service. The first thing you need is blockchain expertise along with practical working knowledge of blockchain. Profile optimization, marketing, networking, and everything else come later. If you don’t have enough blockchain development service experience, you’ll feel troublesome in being a master freelancer in blockchain development. Instead, a beginner should start freelancing aide working on a job; it would be best to understand the freelancing field with having a fixed income and then slowly enter into a full-time freelancing profile.

Author Bio

Akash Guha is a budding writer with almost a year of experience in content writing. His knowledge in technical content writing has enabled him to work on different projects. Presently, he is working with SoluLab, a premium blockchain, AI, ML, IoT and Metaverse development company, where he handles various projects as a content writer.


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