How Small Business Owners And Entrepreneurs Can Succeed

Marketing Podcast with Barry McCarthy

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Barry C. McCarthy. Barry was named President and CEO of Deluxe Corporation in November 2018 and is a member of its board of directors. He’s also the author of Small Business Revolution: How Owners and Entrepreneurs Can Succeed.

Key Takeaway:

Whether you’re just starting to plan your new business or you are a seasoned veteran in the small business trenches, there are many challenges that small business owners face – especially in the unprecedented climate we’ve been faced with over the last two years. In this episode, I talk with the President and CEO of Deluxe Corp., Barry C. McCarthy, about how to quip your small business for dramatic growth and success in any environment.

Questions I ask Barry McCarthy:

  • [1:21] What were you trying to convey with the word ‘revolution’ in the title of your book?
  • [3:56] How do you define small business?
  • [5:43] Your new book was very much informed by a series that you called the SBR series. You called the SBR series — could talk a little bit about that entire project?
  • [7:08] What has gotten harder for small businesses in the last decade?
  • [8:27] How hard was it doing more in the digital space for an organization like Deluxe?
  • [12:27] In your book, you cover some of the main areas such as HR, marketing, and finance – what are some of the key lessons I’m going to learn?
  • [14:01] Most entrepreneurs are really not born leaders, they’re visionaries. And then when it comes to being a leader, hiring, and managing that’s really the biggest area where they struggle. What’s your advice?
  • [16:29] What are the most important numbers that you really need to get your arms around early on in a business?
  • [19:09] The epilogue of the book is when to abandon the dream. So what advice do you have to somebody that is facing that?
  • [20:49] Where can people find out more about the Small Business Revolution and even check out some of the series that you did along with the book?

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