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According to the study, the global digital health market size is expected to reach $ 509.2 billion by 2025, and the CAGR will increase to 27.7%. Some of the reasons for driving the market even further are the expansion of smartphones, the availability of suitable internet facilities and increasing knowledge about digital healthcare.

Digital inventions don’t end on their own; they are essential tools for sustaining health, protecting the environment and helping vulnerable people. It is very important to use the power of digital technology to achieve universal health coverage. The digital world changes healthcare in many ways and enables people to live a better life quality with high hopes.

Here are some digital health technology developments that are expected to increase Healthcare Technology adoption for a better future:

Digital Health records

Healthcare supports a paperless lifestyle from patient files to paperwork and for a good reason. Electronic medical records improve information exchange among physicians, but they also provide more protection than traditional paper submission procedures and costs.

Wearable Technology

Wearable tech is the only technology that can be worn like a smartwatch. It is not a new idea, of course, but the healthcare community is embracing it! Wearable technology can provide a large number of consumer information and help doctors diagnose diseases.

The Internet of Things (IoT), a wearable device that integrates with the healthcare network, will provide feedback on physical health indicators such as blood pressure, heart rate and sleep patterns, ignoring the need for long-term hospital supervision. Physicians should focus on preventive measures rather than curative measures, and patients should have a better understanding of their health and body.


For now, no single technology is more useful than telemedicine in coronavirus pandemic. The word means a software solution that is used instead of visiting a physician. It can be remedial, requires treatment and can take audio, video call, or text or message exchange!

The use of telemedicine has been on the rise since 2016. It is now being discontinued Tens of millions of Americans in the United States travel by telemedicine, and in many cases, they act almost as physically. Of course, clinical visits are often required – especially during a pandemic, where clinical visits can be life-threatening, with telemedicine a viable option.

3D Printing

Using high tech 3D printing is not only possible to create drugs and prosthetics, but also to human organs and tissues. Such a process and tissue diseases can provide a fascinating solution to many diseases, even chronic diseases. It is because patients will get the bio-artificial organs needed for the transplant.


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