IoT control traffic
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Traffic jams are not the worst thing in the world! From city-dwellers to customers, no one wants to waste time from the day they get stuck in traffic. One of the main problems of the city administration is to manage this traffic with quality.

Despite the use of IoT projects in traffic networks by developed countries and smart cities, developing countries are facing many problems due to this traffic control. It is not easy for developing countries to invest heavily in this process.

Established countries use big data and IoT technology to reduce all traffic problems.

In recent years, vehicles have become a necessity, and people tend to drive instead of going for public transportation. You have a lot to gain from driving your car, and people are aware of it today.

When people began to use more vehicles, the issue of traffic became more and more manageable. Many of the cities on the streets have information from CCTV cameras and use this information to control traffic entirely. All vehicle information is sent to the City Traffic Management Board, where it reviewed in phases, and traffic changes made accordingly.

If traffic control in the right way, the simple flow of vehicles can eliminate traffic jams. There are many reasons why you need to pay attention to this smart traffic network using IoT.

Traffic lights control using IoT

Traffic lights play an essential part in traffic control systems based on IoT. The traffic lights are equipped with weather sensors, which increase or decrease the light intensity automatically. Not only can these sensors help to change the brightness of the light from time to time, but they can also experience bad weather and turn the light at the same time. These traffic lights can also be used for traffic recording at a specific location.

The CCTVs installed on these traffic lights will record the amount of traffic present on a particular road and provide that information to the management department. The traffic control network and reduce the possibility of traffic jams. The best thing about IoT here is that it can evaluate possible routes on its own using big data analytics.

And there is no need for traffic control to check or think of alternative routes. It makes the right traffic decisions that will reduce the problem with hectare traffic and make travel faster and more trouble-free. Smart traffic lights are no less a blessing for cities because they can help in a variety of ways.


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