Artificial Intelligence aims to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic. Projects are particularly associated with pharmacology, medical and hospital treatment, or have found a key partner in data science to provide an application, progress, and results of mobility to reduce infection.

In the war against COVID-19, new emerging digital technologies are helping people: some examples are available in public domains from government, business, and media organizations.

Drones Technology

Drones, equipped with cameras and speakers, are used not only to monitor lock down violations but also to broadcast information and messages related to COVID-19, to ensure that people are in their homes.


The COVID-19 pandemic has engulfed the world. Health workers, governments, and researchers are trying to prevent the spread of the virus. Medical professionals are contaminated while patients are being treated, and this is a problem. Robots have been deployed worldwide to provide adequate care to patients with corona virus testing, treatment management, and quarantine to address this problem.

For the first time, robots use facial recognition to diagnose a patient’s fever. Patients need to keep a certain distance from the robot and look inside the device. When the body temperature is measured, it tells them about the symptoms. The robot asks them if they have a fever, cough, cold, or difficulty breathing. When the screening is over, the robot asks the patient for more help in visiting the flu clinic. There is even an allotted section where a separate robot connects the patient to the doctor. Patients can use tablets holding a robot for video conferencing with doctors. The robot will provide an entrance pass for patients until the appointment is complete.

Natural Language Processing

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) can help researchers cope with COVID-19, which cannot process large amounts of data by humans.

The machines will identify, analyze, and review thousands of research papers on state-of-the-art corona viruses against which thousands of scientists scientifically call the race to identify a vaccine or treatment every week.

AI helps us keep an eye on COVID-19 expansion and other diseases by identifying early warning signs like symptom clusters in a new area.


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