Get two years of ultimate VPN protection on unlimited connections for only $60

Windscribe has functions you probably didn’t know you need and is offering new users best-on-web pricing for one-to-three-year subscriptions.

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If you are not using a VPN for your business, you are constantly risking confidential data. And yes, that even applies to your cell phone, because who knows what your mobile provider is doing with your information? Fortunately, there’s a VPN with so many features you didn’t even know you needed. Windscribe VPN’s Pro Plan is available to new users at the best-on-web price of $59 for a two-year subscription until April 22.

Windscribe’s Pro Plan has so many incredible features that you may be surprised to find it also has a ridiculously user-friendly interface, so you will not be overwhelmed with confusing settings. It sets itself apart from other VPNs in a variety of other ways as well.

With Windscribe, you can protect unlimited downloads and an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. And Windscribe places such a high value on anonymity that it doesn’t even ask for your email address when you sign up. In fact, Windscribe isn’t only a VPN: a browser extension turns it into a desktop application you can use in amazing ways.

This VPN solution will safeguard your online privacy as well as remove ads and trackers as you browse. You’ll also get a firewall, proxy gateway and secure hotspot. This allows you to create a proxy server for other devices on your personal network and transform your desktop computer into an extremely secure wireless router. You can use OpenVPN, TCP and Stealth for connections on a wide range of ports.

The browser extension also has many other functions. For instance, you can change your time zone to match the country you connect to with Time Warp. You can also spoof your location with Location Warp or create proxy connections through two Windscribe servers with Double Hop. There’s also WebRTC Slayer, Cookie Monster, Split Personality and a whole lot more. The Split Tunneling feature lets you decide which apps will use the VPN and which won’t.

Protect your confidential data while taking care of business, learning a new language or screening stocks. Since Windscribe has servers in 112 cities, you’ll get private unrestricted access to news sites, entertainment and even blocked content in more than 69 countries. No wonder it has a Very Good rating in Tom’s Guide and 4.4 out of 5 stars on G2.

New users can get a Windscribe VPN Pro Plan with a two-year subscription at the best-on-web price of $59, one year for $39 or three years for $69 until April 22.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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