Californian-based knife maker Terrain 365 has introduced a new implement for the everyday carry crowd with a very portable form factor. Designed for survival and backup cutting tasks, the DTK-AT is the company’s most compact folding knife and has around the same footprint as a set of US military-issue dog tags.

The DTK-AT is a miniature framelock knife, meaning part of the handle works to lock the blade in place when open. This blade is made from Terrain 365’s proprietary dendritic cobalt super alloy, which it calls Terravantium, and can be opened with the user’s thumb.

Californian-based knife maker Terrain 365’s latest release boasts very portable form factor

Terrain 365

The blade itself measures 1.19 in (3 cm) long and folds up inside the DTK-AT’s titanium handle when not in use. In this closed configuration, the knife measures 2.3 in (5.8 cm) long, and can be easily slipped into a pocket, or worn around the neck or belt loop thanks to a lanyard hole at the top end.

Terrain 365 also claims the knife is entirely rust-proof and notes that it is non-magnetic. It is offering the DTK-AT via its website, for a price of US$179.

Source: Terrain 365

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