Debuted in November 2022, ChatGPT – the sensational AI Chatbot from OpenAI – has had an unmatched and skyrocketing rise. Despite going public when other AI tools like Midjourney and DALL-E were flourishing, ChatGPT nonetheless managed to garner interest in the AI domain.

Is ChatGPT the All-time Fastest-growing App?

ChatGPT is the internet’s fastest-growing app, according to UBS experts. The UBS study compared the traffic at ChatGPT’s official website ( to web application traffic data for apps released in the last 20 years. According to the data, ChatGPT received about 25 million daily visits, of which 13 million were unique (i.e., from different users).
The study concludes that ChatGPT has approximately 100 million users just 2.5 months after its debut. It helps to remember that it took Facebook 4.5 years, WhatsApp 3.5 years, Instagram 2.5 years, and Google over a year to reach 100 million users to appreciate how astounding those numbers are. Additionally, ChatGPT reached a milestone that took Twitter nearly two years to touch one million users in just five days after its debut.

The Three Factors Driving ChatGPT’s Incredible Growth

ChatGPT is Flexible & Exceptionally Practical:

The usefulness and versatility of ChatGPT are two of the primary causes of its rapid expansion. Not only was OpenAI able to develop technology that people found appealing, but they also produced something that practically anyone might find helpful.

A general-purpose chatbot with no specific audience in mind, ChatGPT is for everyone. Therefore, ChatGPT can be used in varied ways in your daily life, no matter what you do. Everyone uses ChatGPT, including students, teachers, writers, engineers, lawyers, programmers, etc. Few apps, even those that have been around for years, can claim to have the enormous benefit of being helpful to everyone.

It’s Free & Simple to Use ChatGPT:

The affordability and easy use of online services are two factors that discourage consumers from adopting them. None of these are issues with ChatGPT. Though many people are unaware, ChatGPT is neither the first nor the most advanced AI text generator today. The GPT-3 Playground hosts OpenAI’s more potent AI text-generating tool that existed long before ChatGPT became popular.

ChatGPT, on the other hand, distinguishes itself from the competitors due to its usability, accessibility, and lack of user fees. The free access approach of ChatGPT propelled ChatGPT to millions of users in a few days, despite ChatGPT Plus, a commercial version of ChatGPT, being announced on February 3, 2023.

Additionally, ChatGPT is simple to use. Anyone may create an account from their browser with just a phone number and an email, which is all you need to start using ChatGPT. Similar AI technologies from competing companies are only available to a small group of users or have a long waitlist.

ChatGPT has Strong Community Support:

The fact that ChatGPT is highly community-driven is one of its secret growth weapons. Most of today’s successful web apps grew because of massive ad campaigns. Contrarily, the growth of ChatGPT is driven by regular users sharing their experiences with their community.

Testimonials from users who have used the AI chatbot have driven ChatGPT’s growth, from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to people sharing their experiences on personal blogs. Effective advertising strategies are possible, but nothing compares to recommendations and testimonials from reliable sources.


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