Rajat Singhal, Founder & CEO, Black Basil Technologies

At Black Basil, we know conversational AI inside out. Chatbots and virtual agents have come a long way – they can now have natural conversations, understand context, and complete tasks for users. However, most solutions out there rely on generic, pre-built models that lack customization.

We’re changing that with the next evolution in conversational AI: customized chatbots tailored to each client’s unique needs. Our groundbreaking platforms will put bot building into our clients’ hands like never before. These flexible tools will let them create specialized bots optimized for their goals.

Tailored Bots Through Custom Model Building

Our platforms enable clients to train AI models on their own data. Instead of settling for predefined agents, they can develop bots tailored to their audiences. We make model building intuitive with easy-to-use interfaces.

Clients can experiment with different neural network architectures to find the best structure for their needs. A banker’s chatbot requires a different model than one helping students apply to college. Our platforms empower clients to customize both the data and model to create specialized conversational agents.

Seamless Deployment with Automated Workflows

We handle the complex processes required to take customized bots live. While clients focus on data and design, our platforms automate infrastructure and DevOps tasks behind the scenes.

With just a few clicks, clients can integrate their tailored bots into any digital environment. We ensure scalability and smooth performance, minimizing friction during launch and operation.

A Complete End-to-End Customized Solution

Our conversational AI platforms deliver everything clients need to build and run specialized bots. Model building, training, deployment, and management – all the components are seamlessly integrated.

We cover the full lifecycle to make bot customization frictionless. Clients don’t need to cobble together different tools – our end-to-end platforms empower them to create unique bots that work the way they want.

The Future is Flexible, Customizable Chatbots

Our user-friendly customization will make specially-designed bots the new normal. Clients can forget one-size-fits-all agents and create optimal bots for their needs.

When clients can easily tailor AI models for their exact use cases, the possibilities are endless. At Black Basil, we’re excited to usher in this future of flexible, customizable conversational AI.

The Power to Build Bots That Work Uniquely for You

We’re giving clients unprecedented direct control over model training and architectures. Businesses like ours are eagerly anticipating the game-changing ability to craft conversational AI tailored to their needs.

We’re pioneering the next evolution in leveraging conversational AI. Moving from generic to customizable solutions will transform how businesses use virtual assistants and chatbots. The future will be defined by specialized bots as unique as the customers they’ll serve.


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